Massive Offensives by the Russians to Terminate Ukraine

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On the other side of the line is Godfrey Bloom. Recorded mid December.

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  1. Western governments are trying their best to prevent how bad of a job they've done is exposed. War in Ukraine is not at all to help Ukrainian's. The warmongers don't care if people get killed or freeze to death. They are fixated on ruining Russia and hiding the out of control spending and the outrageously terrible job they've done governing their countries. However, most western governments are run by evil people with power. Check out the work done by by Whitney Webb of how the deep state operates. The only way to clean up the world is for everyone to stop working and protest until the evils are swept into a pile like the garbage they are. For far too long they've held good people hostage.

  2. The brainless leaders of the EU are slow to see that the US is carrying out a proxy war on two fronts. One is destroying Ukraine in hope of somehow destroying Russia and the other the draining of the EU and European countries so they will become so damaged and destroyed with debt they will not be an economic threat to the US. The EU was going to fail badly at some point, the US action should speed up the process. The only people most likely to benefit from the conflict are the rich elites in the US and those connected to the WEF.

  3. No matter how thick the cloud cover, truth will always shine through.❗

    Doug is a thoughtful analyst with a strong sense of objectivity, which has enabled him to develop into a modest man worthy of admiration and memory.‼

    One of the most sincere realists out there, he does not support Russia or oppose the

    United States and others; he simply represents the state of affairs.❗

    We also appreciate you all for providing us with this timely, fact-filled tale that is bursting with a

    crystal-clear message of highly exact information on your channel, making us deserving of maintaining the tune.❗

  4. They've been brainwashed and wont admit that they've been fooled. We do have a few honest journalists, but they've been blacklisted for that very reason. The Tories and the so-called Democrats will both have a nasty shock at the next election. 30,000 people died in the Boer War concentration camps, mostly women and children. We could have afforded better carriers with aircraft and proper escorts if Boris hadnt sqandered the money on mismanaging the pandemic for the benefit of his corrupt friends, on providing £7 million per day for a red carpet welcome for illegals and £5 million per day to boost another country's armed forces. He was arguably our worst ever Prime Minister, and has left both UK and Ukraine in ruins. We UK taxpayers wil have our revenge!

  5. Adorabile Naked Truth , English Speaking Nation's Superiority , if Only They would've Admitted Thy Speak Englishied Norman or Englishied Latina. , My Point Wasn't The Etymology ! As You Know General Mac Gregor There is a Grotesque On Going Massacre of Equally Christian People The Arméniens , Who Have Done Nothing Else then Goodness Towards. Their Fellow Nations are persecuted and Killed by the Help of Nicol Pashinyan on Daily Basis Firstly in 27 September Asery-turks Invaded The Mountainous Enclave of Armenia , That War was. Soldiers Fight against. Drones and Chemical Bombshells. Utterly Shameless Uniquel war Where Zelensky Contributed. With Pachistani Islamic States. , In a Week They Massacred one of the Best Armed forces of Armenian Caucasus, Thousands. Casualty. Young Men and Women Military Fell , plus Civilians. , Now What Good is in a World of Only Turkic. Hord , Soon they'll reach Europe. !!! Why No Body Stopped this Usurpatori Cruel Useless Fanatics ….

  6. ANOTHER excellent discussion with Colonel Douglas MacGregor (retired).
    There are so many great points to make comment on… but I will limit my comment to this wonderful/hilarious quote…
    "…in the Navy, there are really, two classes of ships, submarine and TARGETS…." LMAO. Now THAT is funny… alas TRUE.
    Much respect Colonel… Your writings and talks over these last 7 months (for me) have been a welcome "breath of fresh air" in this stagnate, putrid, blood lusting warmongering atmosphere.
    Mr Bloom is a first for me… Thank you.
    Health and Happiness to you and your Family.

  7. Although I am a retired Spanish literature teacher,not much familiar with military matters and a rational pacifist I always draw enormous pleasure in listening to Mr. MacGregor because he is an enormously gifted orator,articulate,implacably logical, knowledgeable and honest. Being myself very interested in geopolitics I have to thank him for his precise and clarifying explanations. Thanks.

  8. If Ukraine wishes to remain a Slavic nation populated with their native stock they should embrace mother Russia. By adopting the globalist approach their own people will vanish into oblivion. Their goal is short-sighted. Within a generation a sovereign Ukraine will cease to be populated by Ukrainians.

    The rift with Ukraine was deliberately created by the Soviets in a deliberate strategy to sever that land from Russia. With its other ports frozen, lack of direct access to open water would greatly affect Russian security, shipping and trade, with NATO on the Baltic Sea and with NATO on the Black Sea.

    Ukrainians scapegoat Russia for suffering under Soviet Communism. With the exception of one member who was immediately murdered, none of the leaders of the Soviet takeover were ethnically Russian and could speak Russian only badly. Financed with a twenty million dollar loan. Trained on the lower east side of New York. On their way to Russia their ship was intercepted by the Canadian navy and these terrorists were arrested, but ordered released by Zionist influenced Great Britain. Upon takeover, the Soviet leaders shipped 340 tons of gold to their personal accounts in Switzerland.

    The earth and the increase that it yields was not promised to Russians. The non-ethnic-Russian, Soviet leadership was manoeuvring to thwart Russia’s interests.

    The Soviet takeover was deliberately timed in order to prevent Russia from acquiring control of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits during the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, as agreed to, beforehand, by the Allies during WWI, which would give Russia unhampered access to the Mediterranean Sea.

    The role of the commissar, a non-ethnic-Russian political officer installed in each organization, was to identify Russians with leadership potential and devise a pretext for liquidation. Ethnic Russian leadership was exterminated at each level. More than ten million citizens lost their lives. Communism, a proxy of International Socialism, was never meant to succeed. Its purpose was to disembowel Russia. Prior to the Balfour declaration, Ukraine and Syria were cited. Ukraine a land of milk and honey was the promised land. Syria should be destroyed so that it ceases to exist as a nation in order to acquire legitimate title, in a reverse takeover.

    ³ For more than half of a century a thinly veiled hate campaign was carried out in Canada against Ukrainians. People vied to contrive a pretext to lash out in fury at Canadians of Ukrainian descent in a bid to preserve their careers by thus establishing that they were not deniers. The influence of Canadians of Ukrainian heritage resulted in citizens of Ukraine voting the little imposter into office as atonement in order to attest that they were a people of compassion, not realizing that they had empowered a monster that would deceive, destroy and depopulate Ukraine while making it appear that he was defending it.

    ² The sooner that Ukrainians turf out this non-Slavic deceiver, the better. He hates Ukrainians, is needlessly expending their lives and has set them up in a fratricidal conflict devised to bring about their ruin. Ukraine, a Christian country, appeals for salvation to NATO nations that pay obeisance to the Cremation Cult, a Satanic creed. The little imposter knows where he is coming from and knows where he is headed. Ukrainians do not.

    ¹³ Should Zelensky’s operation be successful, Ukraine is to be transformed into a nation of tenants struggling with financial Ponzi by placing a halt on the further use of land, causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach, adopting a process that proved effective in Australia and Canada, with rent at maximum levels extorted from residents and shunted directly into the pockets of the chosen few. The aggregate of rental income dwarfs revenue from taxation accruing to government. Ukrainians that realize their children cannot become established do not raise families. Their reward following a lifetime of hard work is to die homeless on the street. Massive immigration maintains population levels. The economy will function like one gigantic enterprise in which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native sons vanish into oblivion. Ukraine will be populated by others that are strangers to this land and not by the heirs of those that are fighting and dying.

    They have sacrificed their lives in vain.

  9. People, especially British people, should watch the documentary covering UK Psyops and Collin Wallace during the Troubles called “The man who knew too much”

    It’s spooky how what’s happening today regarding propaganda, targeting and silencing journalists that can’t be coo-opted, pushing Russia phobia, targeting Labour Politicians with fake smears (even anti Semitism) even framing for murder or aex trafficking both in UK and Foreign places like US

    (You can find it free on YouTube “the man who knew too much)

  10. ❤thank you Colonel Mc Gregor true American patriot he always make sensible analysis he always tell what mainstream media doesn’t want to hear I thank you and former senator Black to tell the truth about what is feasible and not Russia is a power to be respected as well I don’t understand I want to know or understand why Americans think Russia is there enemy ???

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