Massive Russian offensives on three axis Storm Ukraine

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On the other side of the line is Andrew N. Recorded December 12th.

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  1. Andrew, you mispoke or are ignorant of where Russia was pre-Feb 24. Russia has been occupying Ukrainian land in Donbas and Crimea since March 2014. That is territory that will returned to Ukraine before the negotiations can be had with Russia and the only things to be negotiated will be how Russia will pay reparations and who will be punished for Russia's war crimes. I think Douglas will be one of those having to answer for his propaganda. He's a Tokyo Rose but should be more strictly punished because he's a former U.S. officer.

  2. 530,000 Russian troops are not enough to defeat determined Ukraine military supplied by NATO. Russia will need 3x the army that Ukraine can mobilize and train with the help of NATO. Russian military will have to be well trained, disciplined and most important politically motivated. Not sure that can be achieved, even though it is possible.

  3. Let the world remember that Democrats announced the USA's first use policy twice in August of 1945. Two times. The Democrats have never repudiated that, and there is no amount of Democratic gaslighting which can change this policy now. Actions speak more loudly than words.

  4. So you are insisting Ukraine should dream more impossible dreams and fight fewer unbeatable foes ?
    Russia cannot be allowed to prevail in Ukraine. It is inevitable that NATO will get involved directly, militarily, even if a member country is not explicitly attacked, should Russia continue on its present course.

  5. the biden adminstration has gone mental : koo koo on this conflict .. because they’re being totally ghosted by the Russian …. the Russians are not picking up any of the continuously constant phone calls from e US. The Biden regime are feeling like nobody, like shit. This is why they make all thee comment.

  6. I do not know where colonel takes his information, but some parts of it, especially on what is going on in Russia, is pretty accurate. Yes, russians are in rage. Yes, vast majority of russian people support president Putin, and the only flaw we see in his actions is being too honest and cautious about nazi threat, backed by US. Sometimes it even seems to be indecision. You see, Putin, if you are able to push back demonizing agenda, is known as negotiator. Thats what was initial goal of military operation. And obviously he underestimated psychopats in washington, who only see the world as those who dominate and those who being dominated. And now, under all this pressure, with mobilizing army, especially after Merkel's insight on minsk agreements, i hope he has no illusions anymore.

  7. When this war is sorted and the Russians have won back their little bit of Ukraine a new pandemic will hit the world that targets children and youth, this will cause more disruption and deaths than have been seen for decades. The only freedoms left in the western world will be to watch propaganda keeping the truth from you.

  8. Victor Bout, America’s Trojan Horse.

    Victor Bout has been bribed, threatened or brainwashed and is now an American agent working for the FBI or some other spy agency, of that you can be sure. Putin fell for another US trap. How naïve can Putin really be? Bout is America’s elected President for the new Russia controlled by the USA, now, just sit back and see it happens. How is that for overthrowing a government with a Trojan Horse?

  9. I wonder – have people who support Ukraine read what Ukrainians were doing with civilian people in Donbas?
    And now the West is supporting the criminal Ukrainian government which sponsored Nazy Ukrainian troops to bomb civilians by the hard artillery..
    People, just do research, read about the alley of Angels, for example. Maybe after that you will start to think…
    Read the history and do research.
    Thanks to such people like Scott Ritter and Col who tell people the truth 🙌

  10. Matthew van Dyke who is mentioned must be some kind of CIA asset. He was supposedly some hippie travelling across Africa on motorcycle and just happened to end up with the rebels during the 'revolution' in Libya in 2011.

    Then he was involved with the various US backed terrorist groups in Syria throughout much of that war.

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