MASSIVE US Military Shortages After Ukraine Aide | Breaking Points

Saagar breaks down how the ongoing war in Ukraine is drastically draining US stockpiles of key weapons.

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  1. So who is draining who? Maybe this is part of the plan to reshuffle world order… drag the US into a costly and depleting war, throw China's manufacturing power behind the Russian war effort, China can move on Taiwan and whatever other territory, trade missile for missile til the US runs out. – meanwhile undermine the US dollar and global financial system, patiently let America succumb to it's social rot caused by its own corruption and precarious consumerism.

  2. Do you really think people are going to sign up to go fight in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet at the behest of the sweatshirt king? Maybe if the sons and daughters of those sending us to war are sent to fight and die alongside the rest of us peasants recruitment numbers will go up.

  3. This is because we are world empire. We have a thousand military bases around the world. It's like an NBA player that makes 20 million a year but his bankrupt because they are spending way more than they have. That's the problem with the United States and with every empire in. Think it up way bigger appetite than there stomach can handle and it ends up imploding them. Welcome to the US empire where we're trying to dominate the world and we are succeeding on a level that Hitler could never dream of

  4. I would respect the idian guy if he came out outright and said what he thinks instead of dancing around it and insinuating. He obviously thinks it would be much wiser to stop the aid to Ukraine which is fighting a war that will “not have a significant effect on our lives”. He is portraying it like it’s actually detrimental to aid Ukraine and as if nothing would change if Russia rolled over Ukraine. I think he is arguing that because Putin winning benefits him as it strengthens his fascist agenda.

  5. I love how it is just accepted/normal that the US has to always be ready for military conflict. Nobody seems to ask why? Which country threatens the US? Is the US surrounded by other Nation's military bases? Does China or Russia conduct naval exercises off the coast of California? What the f is wrong with you people?

  6. When Saagar puts his "our nation is in danger/thousands-millions at risk of death" neocon suit on – while acting as if he's trashing neocons – he's just a sorry ass shadow of himself; it's also so acted out, in an attempt to draw right-wingers in most probably (and crying out wolf for China comes so easy to Saagar-"no, India's govt is not fascist"), it's just ridiculous. He'd be calling himself out if he had watched that bit on TV by another person.

  7. Are you seriously suggesting that the DoD, who has miserably failed two audits since 2005 for not keeping receipts to the tune of 3 trillion dollars total since 1995 is running out of ammo and equipment to defend the US? You must think all of your audience are complete morons since Crystal, before you guys ever created BP, had entire shows dedicated to the waste, the quadruple redundancies, and the amount of gear that was purchased but would never be needed. Now, suddenly, you think those stories and that data means nothing and you can sell us this new line of bullshit?

    And that's why I haven't watched your show in over a year. Hey, does The Hill still exist with your pitiful clones? Because at this point it's hard to determine who the clones are anymore.

    PS: The old Sagar and Crystal would have pointed out that this is a ploy used by the DoD in the past to massively increase their budget by using fear mongering about preparedness even when they can't find 3 trillion dollars worth of shit they purchased earlier. Where'd that pair of rational individuals go? And now I hit "Do not recommend Channel" and enjoy another year of forgetting the two of you exist.

  8. The US can’t even take care of its people because the government rather fund the military industrial complex than to help its people. As of 2023, there are over 500K people suffering homelessness, over 300K are unemployed, and over 800K suffering from Opioid addiction. The U.S. claims to be the best, yet, its more like a destitute 3rd world country 🤷🏻‍♀️

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