Matt Gaetz Cleared: The Importance of Due Process & the Dangers of Prosecutorial Leaks

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. I hope Gaetz can now Sue the New York Times for slander . He was one of a few politicians pushing back against the war mongers in DC. I've heard for over Two years how he was a pedophile sex trafficker. It's almost like they were trying to take him down because of his beliefs . That's not journalism It's lies and propaganda from the New York times.

  2. As little as I follow stuff like this, I did catch quite a few "news" pieces mentioning his name and what he had done, and it was like he for sure did it. And so it was a little joke for me, a light titter here and there, but not too concerning, as he was/is a low-level politician in a state far far away. Fall-out from yet another case of a false accusation where the accuser(s) go unpunished will result in these two ways: 1) (and this is truly the more heinous and destructive) more false accusers will go unpunished, and this after their false accusation has caused what is almost always unfixable unrepairable; and 2) actual drapists (or those who did the ol' snuggle/struggle) will get away with it because it's becoming harder and harder to believe those who accuse.

  3. And yet we have the Clintons who have been closely associated with Epstein, are surrounded by sex offenders, with Hillary even hired a lawyer that had himself been a convicted sex offender to defend Laura silsby who was caught with a bus load of kids. And Hillary is still trying to become president. Showing the endemic corruption within the system

  4. The New York Times created the myth that people were poisoning Halloween candy. That urban legend was their doing because of an article they put out. It also gave a sadistic serial killer the idea for how to kill his own son and he poisoned a couple giant pixie sticks, poisoned his son and a friend's son, and tried to pass it off as that urban legend.

    My point is, The New York Times has been lying and making stuff up and spreading misery and injustice for decades. Since before I was ever born.

  5. I am by no means a lefty, or even left leaning, neither right or right leaning. I don't tend to judge politicians, or people in general, by their political affiliation or ideology. The overwhelming quality that can instantly and permanently form my opinion of someone is whether or not they act or speak in a bad faith manner. Bad faith actors immediately become persona non grata in my eyes.
    That said, I'll admit that this story had me thinking of Matt Gaetz as a scumbag. I'll also freely admit that since that story first floated, I've given no further attention to see if it proved to be true or not, this is the first time since it came out two years ago that I've given it any attention. I agree with pretty much everything that Greenwald presented in this video clip.

  6. It’s funny that Glenn promoted libs of TikTok who actively demonizes gay people and trans people as pedophiles and groomers while defending Matt Gaetz? Weird.

    Edit: Oh all they had were leaks btw. Same with Snowden and Assange. “All they had were leaks” too guys…

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