Matt Taibbi ATTACKED By Democrats In Twitter Files Hearing | Breaking Points

Saagar reacts to Matt Taibbi being smeared by a Democrat Congresswoman as a “So Called Journalist”

Matt’s Substack:

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  1. Saager needs to leave Kristal and breaking points…Breaking Points has become the hill and the intercept…I mean they are basically lock step with the intercept at this point(they have the ultimate shrill Ryan Grimm on as a regular). Your awesome Saager, but I feel your being censored by Kristal and Ryan Grimm who wants to shrill the to billionaire owner of the intercept…who donates millions of dollars to Justice Democrats (ran by Kyle K…lol).

  2. These people will believe that a man is a woman and give them an award over a real woman just on their say so, but if they see a person reporting with their own eyes they won't even entertain the idea that they are journalists even if they worked for The Rolling Stone. I'm not sure we can last another 20 years with leaders in government that think like this. I'm getting concerned.

  3. You should dial back a little bit from the duo show with Krystal and do more solo stuff. So should she. Some topics would naturally flow to the solo content. Others would remain ideal for the BP show. Just my 2cts. I want more of your monologues! You're getting really, really, really good at this. 🙂

  4. When you can't argue the content your attempt to destroy the person. Oldest "trick" in the book. These past 3 years have destroyed the vail of the US (Global Governments as well) Government. Anyone who thinks that "their side" actually care about the general public is deluded and actively keeping their head in the sand at this point. These gov officials really make me sick.

  5. Saagar is HOT!!! I am 74 years old and been off cable for about 16 years. I was one of the first to subscribe to your new network. I rarely miss Status Coup. My point I agree with you 500%. But I take your point as well. I actually lost friends during the last presidential election–my take on Biden and why I could not in good conscious vote for Biden or Trump. I got in trouble with friends when I tried to explain Biden's history to them and Obama mistake for us. I can attest Obama is a sacred cow in black America. I do have a number of friends older than I am far more radical about our world view today. Most of my friends get all their news from corporate sponsored tv. I get all my news from internet and have done for to long to remember. So don't lose heart that elderly means not in touch. Seeing the upcoming set up for 2024 already in hand. Simple, democrats have no balls–period, and they are low rent prostitutes. The entire congress is–minus Bernie. I want to see Marrianne Williamson with power. The smart, gentle soul in charge of live on this planet versus what we face now. Could she possibly do worse?? Point, Biden is running and everyone in the party is afraid to say what they actually know, they are afraid Biden will be forced (because of optics) to keep Kamala on board. Now I image that in their various hushed hallway conversations, the democrats are saying, he will surely die in office–that would mean Kamala is POTUS. They know that they were sold a bill of goods with her as VP, (optics again) and very bad choice. What can they do opposed to what they will do, are in all probability, very bad for the world. The further thought: just what if he dropped her anyway, then who??? Oh, it might have to be our very own Pete. Either way, it may well be Trump and all that conjurings–he has already said. This really is war: us against them. For me, as dark as those truths are: I do have a bright side, I have lived a long life or my life is not long left to go. I am so rooting for you young people.

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