Matt Taibbi, Chris Hedges & John Kiriakou: TWITTER FILES & THE DEATH OF RUSSIAGATE: CN LIVE! S5E2

Journalist Matt Taibbi joins CN Live! to discuss the implications of his Twitter Files revelations, including his latest on Hamilton 68 and its fatal blow to the Russiagate narrative. With journalist Chris Hedges and C.I.A. whistleblower John Kiriakou.

Written by Consortium News

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  1. There is an obvious parallel between Corporate Media, and Western Neo-liberal governments.
    It's clear their model is utterly bankrupt, but they feel compelled to keep the circus running, as it's
    their conduit for wealth, for power …… So perhaps we should not be surprised that they all cling to
    the status quo, with increasingly white finger-tips …..
    BUT, this reluctance to even offer a fraction of reasonableness, or rationality, will likely, like every Empire
    before it, lead to the fracturing of their world, and change that they have minimal control over.
    The tragic part in all of that will be the suffering of 'ordinary mortals' in the period of flux
    between the end of the old order, an the start of something new. < a point in time in which we must all
    be on our guard during > it is traditionally the time where False Prophets look for vacuums to fill.

  2. 1:12:00 The difficulty vis. the Internet > it's a corporate owned entity, and ripe for skulduggery – as we've been seeing
    for a long time now.
    The disassociated personalities engaging in mass shootings and suchlike > at core, this must be rooted in a
    cynically destroyed State Ed. system, denying people the Critical Thinking capacity to understand why their
    lives are so bleak, their futures bankrupt? All the while, this linking in with elite's preferences – distraction, 'them vs us' narratives etc

  3. There is a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. that sort of undergirds the MSM; even as public trust in mainstream reporting is at an all time low. As with Russiagate, people will essentially believe in anything – evidence be damned – if the narrative has an emotional appeal. "My beliefs are better than your facts" basically sums it up. And the worse things become economically, on a societal level, fear permeates the atmosphere and triggers a need to make sense of the world. But instead of reading and educating one's self, magical thinking becomes the bromide. At 100:21 Matt Taibbi explains the direction things are moving in. This sounds very similar to C.I.A. concocted Psyop stuff that's been employed for decades. Only worse, given that Russiagate/Hamilton 68 was an overall success and has become a public- private business model. Most Americans get their "news" from headlines, so most people will remain ignorant of the debunking that's been taking place.

  4. It is One GIANT Dysfunctional, Abusive relationship btwn the Public and "Authority". The people EAT it up when it's some "high powered" person saying something. All you need to do is Study the dynamic of the Abusive "family", Child Abuse then enlarge it and you have this. Too many people sold their emotional health out for a Job, $$. Saw this and been criminalized for saying it since the 70s.
    It's the Fittest among us who don't bow. Those who do out number us

  5. I think the religiosity of Russiagate really trickled down from a particular generation (and class) who grew up believing in the mythology of the Cold War of America as a shining city, and inherent force of good, and all the evil in the world is the Ruskies. When evidence of US internal decay piles up they just regress to those beliefs they inherited in childhood because they invested heavily and built lives around those national myths. Perhaps they go so far as to recreate Cold War I to manage their psychological discomfort as US decline becomes visible.

  6. we basically need to put the big ugly menacing mugs of the big news stars and the big cable channels and the big papers/websites and social media bandits/mercenaries in the biggest montage of MOST WANTED posters ever. This is the hook. This is one of the hooks that will lead to people piquing their interest to learn more about how this thing works that follows them around all day studying them and testing them. but if all you can do is tie them back to the the CIA and the warmonger, many people won't see that as a big surprise. This is a big part of this system. people already like American exceptionalism, so when the scheme is discovered, most people will be ambivalent.

    This is a big part of the puzzle. It's like the brainwasher being caught by the already brainwashed. It's like the finale of a game. The game has reached its conclusion.

    So, it isn't about dunking on the deep state and the establishment, it is simply about giving thoughtful and careful exposition of the events and elaborating on how things unseen and unknown can have so much influence and control. So it is a super major teaching moment. But to teach it, you have to teach a few other things. One of the hardest things to teach is what people don't want to learn.

    It's hard for people to learn about the new media/behavior control system when at the same time they learn that they are helping to murder innocents and journalists. It's almost like fat shaming to the extreme.

    The system of making US war mongering more like a bad habit like McDonald's french fries, porn, cable, Hollywood gossip, video games, couch potatoe-ism. These have been part of society for decades now. Now there is a new era of American culture warring and it is not so much about the details of the culture war as it is about the addictiveness. Just like opium, cocaine, and all of their derivatives, the addictive isolate is at the center of the enterprise. Click bait? smart phone bait? dopamine hits on the couch at night? amphetamine hits in the morning to get me going? The dog in me doesn't want to hear about Pavlov's dogs. When we learn about Pavlov's dogs in school, Dr. Pavlov is the genius scientist. We identify with him, not the dogs.

  7. What Matt is talking about at the end there is a blossoming of something that has been coming for a long time and it is why the cloud/internet companies are the highest valued companies on earth. It's not because of the value that they offer the end user. The end user is the new evolving commodity. Something that is super manipulatable in real time. Like manipulating crops or livestock, but in real time, petroleum and other chemical products like glyphosate or food additives but in real time. Like pharmacology in real time. I think I'm exaggerating, but it's essentially the same. Also like financial derivative products and insurance policies.

    I think there is a lot of R and D being done on crypto funds and investing and the consumer tie in. I've heard young people that barely graduated high school talking about crypto like they think they are a Wall St. wizard or something.

  8. Unlike the Pentagon and CIA, I doubt if Russia spends a fraction of its time using social media in influence operations. They realize how much of a waste of time and money it represents and how little can be gained, unlike the U.S. propaganda departments constantly pushing out false flag garbage. Much of the supposed Russian memes are more likely CIA creations.

  9. The one ray of light is that today, we are interconnected. I actually subscribe to and support every human being on this panel (except for John, and I am signing up for his substack right after this). I applaud every person in here, including the patrons, for their courage and compassion.


  10. Doublethink, the ability to hold two competing idead that contradict each other while believing both to be true and accurate.
    1. "The Russian military is incompetent and badly armed / trained, we should supply Ukraine with weapons as they will defeat them"

    2. "The Russians wont stop at Ukraine! they will come for Europe! we have to supply endless weapons to Ukraine to defeat them!"

    ^ These two ideas are incompatible yet from the centrists to the right most people hold those views simultaneously.

  11. Very sad to watch the downfall of journalism over the past 25 plus years. I remember when I could read Louis Menand, Lewis Lapham, et al without cringing. New Yorker, Atlantic, The Nation, Mother Jones — one by one they've all become unreadable propaganda rags. Thankful for Consortium, Empire Files, Grayzone, the Lever, Mint Press and indie writers like Hedges & Taibbi on Substack.

  12. It's because the government is still running the Mockingbird Operation where they have CIA working inside the actual main stream media. They aren't "getting it wrong" they KNOW damn well they are spreading lies. They stir the narrative and the anchors are too cowardly and/or lazy to stand up .
    Matt is right!

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