Matt Taibbi Exposes Russiagate Bots

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With Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files and Jeff Gerth’s new in-depth reporting for CJR exposing the years of lies spread by Russiagaters, bitter attacks from outed journalists are rolling in.

Gerth and Taibbi, who come from the old style of journalism where you fact check your work and don’t accept government officials’ claims on faith, have each shown clear, indisputable evidence of disinformation campaigns pushed by corporate reporters. And since the so-called journalists can’t argue the facts, they dig themselves a deeper hole with more lies and name-calling.

Jeff Gerth has been working as a reporter for decades and published, in the very mainstream Columbia Journalism Review, a 20,000-word report on his findings, only to be called a liar and misdirecting magician in the most self-important article by Mother Jones’ David Corn (“The true media failure is that Trump got away with it and that articles like this one that you are now reading are still necessary.”) And possibly worse than that is the near complete silence from the rest of mainstream media who, as Gerth reported, refused to follow Bob Woodward’s pleas for introspection.

They’re not silent, however, about Matt Taibbi. These corporate stenographers, either angry that Taibbi called them out for lying or jealous that they didn’t get the Twitter Files story themselves, haven’t made any substantive arguments against his findings both because they can’t, but also because they know they don’t need to. Their audiences are trained to believe them.

There are, however, two people who suggested one substantive criticism of the Twitter Files. Funny enough, they’re two of the real journalists who have been defending Taibbi’s work: Briahna Joy Gray and Glenn Greenwald. Their question: if Musk and Twitter are the guardians of this information, how can you be sure you aren’t being manipulated by the possibility that they are handpicking what they want you to see?

Watch the extended episode to hear Taibbi’s response, plus Matt unveils never-before-shared info on the Twitter Files. It’s a Useful Idiots exclusive.

Plus, catch this week’s Thursday Throwdown where the US says yes to the jets.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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  1. As we all knew what would take place during hearings, Musk and Taibbi was exposed as pathetic LIARS covering up Trump and his White House CENSORSHIP and countless DEMANDS to SILENCE Trump's critics. I hope you had a blast destroying your career for another con man, Taibbi…. MUSK and Trump are bookend CONS.

  2. Even if you look at the region in question from a Palestinian perspective, land has been ceded to the victor all over the world since the beginning of human civilization. The same thing was done to Jews in countless places throughout history and now they're persecuted for defending the postage stamp-sized territory they finally carved out for themselves. You guys are on the wrong side of this one. You should focus your criticisms on the real problem. Hamas, Fatah, and the PFLP.

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