Matt Taibbi & John Kiriakou: Twitter Files, Hamilton 68 & the Intelligence Community

Written by Consortium News

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  1. Glad to see you guys analysis of these idiots. I knew in 2016 that Social Media would move the campaign for political campaigns thus got an I Phone to watch to campaign on Social Media to spread propaganda to affect DNC but I knew Trump would win because wasn’t rocket science

  2. Speaking of the CIA, Gatekeeper John Kiriakou is a true lover of the Imperial CIA/MIC killing machine and absolutely not to be trusted! Wake UP Sheeple!! Fake whistle-blower John Kiriakou is a CIA Mockingbird tool infiltrated in the News Outlet of Sputnik International, Consortium News and many other information outlets. Julian Assange family and the groups of activists who are supporting Julian Assange must Wake UP and realize that The Mockingbirds are good pretenders!! John Kiriakou has always been a Master of deceit and lies & a total sell-out. When is Julian Assange’s Wife Stella Assange going to realize that the infiltration of the CIA using as their information tool John Kiriakou, is meant to control the narrative in the Political case of Julian Assange and to make sure that Assange do get extradited to the United the States and put in a black hole for the rest of his life!

    “Working for the CIA was the BEST JOB I’ve ever had! In fact even after I left the CIA, I compare every subsequent job to that one and none of them compare.” – CIA Specialist in Ongoing Clandestine Operations John Kiriakou. Keep in mind that there is not such a thing as Ex-Cia Officer.

    Justice & Freedom for Political Prisoner Julian Assange Now!!

  3. The intelligence agencies have invested heavily into the msm , relationships nurtured over 50 yrs led to media acting voluntarily as a filter for the news, they could kill a story if it was deemed dangerous to the nations security or do no more than delay it's release. Complacency led to this relationship being blind sided by the internet and in turn Wiki leaks, people found a new source for their news and Wiki leaks provided real protection for sources. The independent media content providers could wait but Wiki leaks had to go. A young intelligence analyst for the US army supplies classified material to Wiki leaks and though no lives were lost or prosecutions made as a result of their disclosure it was enough for the young analysts employers to go after Assange and Wiki leaks. The target was always Wiki leaks as they set their own filter , a basic syop with minimal working parts using lawfare is underway. Wiki leaks got sanctioned, Julian is being tortured and the analyst got a presidential pardon, go figure.

  4. So few comments, at least I can make a comment here. yahoo doesnt let me – and I use my name. A nuclear weapon will cause the concrete underneath to explode from the heat, but the main streamed news media is scared of the truth. Even if the pentagon has whatever techno/spy/ ?, is it worth the risk of fighting close to a reactor, or ? Fools who think they can't lose are playing with fire.

  5. I was f'ing blown away to see that Joe Laurie is getting grief from the Government! The excellent founder of Consortium would be proud of you Joe!

    BTW, I stand out like a sore thumb. Traditionally I am a conservative, but I am disgusted by 90 percent of Republicans, especially Neocons.

    I am a Paleoconservative who believes in isolationism.

  6. …I personally love to hear real journalists, like Matt Taibbi, report on their findings after deep diving into the Twitter Files. What I would really like, though, is an admission from the MSM that all the lies they told for years about Russia-gate and how the Russians elected and controlled Trump created a completely fictional view of present- day Russia and Russians which is a cartoon that seeks to justify US funding of a proxy war in Ukraine that is leading us to a nuclear war. If we are lucky enough to escape the nuclear war, we have witnessed a level of destruction and death not seen in decades. All our press seems capable of doing about it is telling more lies and ignoring the lies they have already told.

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