Matt Taibbi Surprised by FBI & Twitter’s Collusion; Russiagate Info in Twitter Files

Taken from JRE #1940 w/Matt Taibbi:

Written by PowerfulJRE

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  1. Джо Роган , чертов хейтер . Ты ненавидишь Хабиба и его команду , это мы знаем ! Потому что эта команда потушила вашего петушка с его командой и всю вашу компанию UFC , после чего ушёл как мужчина на вершине ! Вот ты и бесишься ! Ислам Махачев чемпион хочешь ты этого или нет , старый ты лицемер

  2. Rogan your show is the best content out there.
    9:06 you mentioned Trump's wacko supporters. I'm one of those Trump supporters.
    Fuck Trump as a person. He is one of the only people out who saw the writing on the walls and has been speaking out for freedom (the American way). The media and people like you (Rogan) enjoy life under J.B. and the democrats. Probably because you can afford life under Biden.

  3. It needs to be pointed out that Elon Musk fully supports shadow banning. His line is, "freedom of speech, not freedom of reach." So sure, say whatever you want, but no one besides some surveillance state creep and a rando or two will ever see or hear it. It's one of the nastiest, most insidious and oppressive forms of censorship ever devised, and Musk is fully onboard with it. Two aspects are particularly nasty: first, we've seen that people are most frequently shadow banned for telling uncomfortable truths. Second, the platform is actively gaslighting those truth-tellers because the effect is to give them the false impression their opinions and ideas hold no merit or interest for anyone and they must be crazy to believe them. Until twitter gets rid of shadow banning entirely Musk's pretense of being of a free speech champion and twitter being a home for such speech is a total fraud.

  4. O’Reilly and Rachel comparison was way off. O’Reilly was never told what to do on Fox. It’s legendary. And without him, there would be no opposing view in media. No Tucker. He inherited Bill’s time slot and audience. Is Bill an asshole? Yes. But his style is not like Rachel’s.

  5. The Republican hearings on Twitter remind me of the McCarthy hearings. They are threatening to arrest executives from a private company because they flagged their Twitter posts or whatever.
    It is right out of 1984. How can America call itself a free nation when they are dragging social media execs into hearings and threatening them, with prison as they think they might have been shadowbanned. It's a private platform and the owner Elon Musk is openly right-wing and posts that people should vote Republican etc. Should he be dragged up and threatened with prison is the Democrats get a majority.
    Republicans whine about communism but this reminds me of the Soviet Union. There is no way this is happening in a proper democratic nation. America has this fake "freedom" rubbish but in reality, it is one of the most authoritarian nations out there.
    The US has 4% of the global population and 20% of all prisoners on earth. They lock up more of their citizens per capita than any nation in human history. That should tell you the reality of the USA.

  6. All of this information coming to light of the corrupt government agencies and Trump is still howling in the wind, according to Joe. Yeah, Trump is a polarizing figure but it doesn't mean he's giving incorrect information. On the contrary, it's all being validated. Every bit of it. Rogan has a personal bias for some reason or his liberal instincts are slow to die. I have hope that common sense and clear eyed observation will win out in the end

  7. How do democrats stomach this trash? It's like they can't imagine a world where the situation was the reverse and Republicans worked with big tech, the MSM, and our nation's most powerful institutions to sway an election in our favor. It's wrong no matter who does it and politicians need to work together to do what's best for the American people.

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