Matt Taibbi THREATENED With PRISON By Dem Politician

After Mehdi Hasan implied Matt Taibbi was guilty of perjury, Democrat Stacey Plaskett sent him a troubling letter about his interview on MSNBC.

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Photos: AP, YouTube

Written by Due Dissidence

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  1. Let's remember that Stacey Plaskett and Jamie Raskin were chief prosecutors during the Second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, which ended in Trump's acquittal. Stacey Plaskett isn't even on the B-team; she's not even in the minor league. Plaskett might as well have been one of the LA District Attorneys on the O.J. Simpson trial.

  2. This is rank bullshit from a political hack. This underscores the collusion between MSNBC (via Hasan) and the Democratic Party apparatchiks. That interview was specifically set up to facilitate this letter in a feeble effort to coerce Taibbi into either retracting his reporting or to further poison BlueAnon liberals to the Democrats embrace of fascist authoritarianism.

  3. So, CIS is a private company that does the dirty work for CISA, a government agency. MSNBC is virtually state run media for the Democrat party and basically every department in government. And Democrats and most government departments are weaponizing these private companies to do their bidding…tell me how that's NOT FASCISM?

  4. I think the Democrat party has now come to realize they have a total triangulation of power…government, corporations, and media…to crush dissenting voices and grow their power. And being the soulless ghouls they are, they won't hesitate to wield it like Thor swinging his hammer.

  5. I was going to say something about "Stop being anti-woman by saying bad things about saintly Stacey Plaskett and DWS" to mock shitlibs who really say that kind of thing…but I don't have it in me, turns out. I'm too disgusted to make jokes. Because yes, they ARE fascists. Anyone who votes blue no matter who has to explain to me how you can want to persecute journalists to prevent them from sharing information that you don't want out there, and how that is somehow not some Mussolini shit.

  6. We have been on this path for 20 years, ever since the authorization for use of military force, the Patriot act, an illegal torture program and a domestic spying program.
    What we are getting now is the result of what was done then and the tactics that we projected out to the world then we are now reaping. It's going to get worse before we ever really even fight back and it's going to get way worse before it ends.
    Buckle up.

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