Matt Taibbi to LEAVE TWITTER After Elon’s Betrayal

Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi seem to have had a severe falling-out. Taibbi will no longer participate in Twitter Files reporting, and suggested he’ll leave the platform altogether next week to join Substack Notes.

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  1. Who’s really surprised that a billionaire is a backstabber? This is The Scorpion and the Frog, y’all.

    Matt Taibbi is a phenomenal journalist, but he also seems gravely naive when it comes to anticipating bad-faith actors using/targeting him (Musk & Hasan, respectively). Maybe he’s just too honest of a soul and can’t see evil intent because he genuinely doesn’t understand the mentality behind it? Idk, but dude needs someone to teach him a little street smarts to shield himself from stuff like this and that hatchet job Mehdi Hasan pulled.

  2. "I don't know what the f— this Substack Notes thing is." In the next breath: "It's not a competitor to Twitter in the least. [That's] absurd." 🙄 Uh, okay. 🙄
    But: "Substack is getting a new tweet-like feature called “Notes,” the company announced on Wednesday. The feature will let users publish small posts about things like “posts, quotes, comments, images, and links,” according to a blog post from Substack co-founders Chris Best [et al]." —The Verge, April 5.
    Quacks like a duck. Twitter rival, plain and simple.

  3. You gentlemen are pretty great. It's homey here. Thought I should start with the nice comment and then the snarky. Elon Musk is year of the Pig in its most immature selfish state. His Chinese sign nailed it. They can also be bringers of truth and light like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Sorry if it's eye-rolling. It's just kind of fun.😊

  4. If Elon wants to compete with substack, he should expand Twitter to include a long-form publishing component, and offer Taibbi a bunch of money to come publish there. I'm a paid subscriber to Matt's substack, and I love his journalism, but spitting his reporting out one tweet at a time is just not the best format for his writing. Sounds like Elon thought he could get Matt to switch over to reporting on twitter exclusively through bully tactics instead of actually offering something that people might want.

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