Max Blumenthal SLAMS Biden After Admin REJECTS Australia’s PLEA To Free Julian Assange

Editor-in-chief at The Grayzone Max Blumenthal dicusses U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken rejecting Australia’s plea for the U.S. to stop pursuing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. #julianaasange #Wikileaks

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Hunter Biden & the BIG GUY have done a lot worse then Julian Assange ever did….. Hunter & Joe Biden have compromised USA & received hundreds of millions of $$$ and are still walking free & living in luxury whilst the BIG GUY is playing a president of USA….. WHY ARE THEY NOT I JAIL YET?

  2. Julian Assange is wanted by the US under Espionage Act charges that carry a maximum sentence of 175 years’ imprisonment.

    Whilst Australian Governments may claim they are having have quiet chats, maybe a carefully worded communiqué, but they will never even put a single element of the Australia-US relationship on the line for Julian’s freedom.

    End of that story, till Julian Assange is behind bars in the US the left and the Australian Geens will insist that the Free Assange fiasco continue

  3. Its funny that I can comment on the issue here because All media in Australia are turned off for comments, no freedom of speech, total domination of corrupted senators and warmongers while migrants are facing unseen racism, torture and humiliation living in misery… Australian natural resources are sold out together with its sovereignty looooong time ago for benefit of huge corporations and corrupted politicians while voiceless ordinary people read migrants are sinking into unseen misery… that is Australia seen by a migrant thats been exposed to racism, total neglect and torture with no institutions to turn to to protect civil and human rights… that is rich Australia TODAY and as an american puppet is normal not to take action to free Assange… enough is enough is not enough poor puppet/vassal of PM…

  4. the military idustrial blackrock complex wants to profit from war and fraud, causing death and destruction for the masses all over the place. they use propaganda and lies because people dont want war. thats the gist of julians message i think and they keep him locked because theyre not done with wars yet.

  5. the only criminals here are the americans going after assange ffs time to let it go they have failed everytime they have tried to get him
    simple solution to it is let australia extradite him back make him serve a prison term with the condition he is never allowedaccess to computers and the internet for the rest of his life
    honestly america thinks it can bully any country to get what they want their a parasite on the rest of the world
    amercas security must be pathetic lol this is the second time someones hacked them
    why dont they invest in better security

  6. Spell out Mr Blinken what crime Julian Assange has committed on US soil and what RIGHT do you have to export YOUR version of laws? Do YOU let other countries export their laws to your country! FREE THIS GUY , instead, arrest the men in the helicopter gunship who were caught on video and audio gunning down innocents in Bahgdad……….why aren't you doing that? FREE THIS MAN WHO IS INNOCENT AND STOP EXPORTING YOUR LAWS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YOURS!

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