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Melbourne Comedy is Dead

Comedian Corey White calls out Melbourne as ‘the Woketard capital of the country’ for surrendering their art of comedy and instead embracing political statements.


Full episode on WA with Corey White and Kate Fantinel:

Written by Discernable

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  1. Where's that Magda? She was calling for people to stop jogging because the health department said you could catch it from fleeting contact outdoors which is complete bogus. She should trying jogging, probably the most healthiest thing for her, apart from giving up food.

  2. "What's happened to" Melbourne comedy?

    Australian comedy has always sucked ass. There are outliers, but the Australian comedy acts that get any success tend to be shielded from competition by the ABC and promoted up the bills of a captive festival circuit that might as well be owned by the ABC and is probably sponsored by Triple J along with other milquetoast corporate media. You make it in comedy in spite of your act, not because of it. Ellsworth Toohey runs the whole business.

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