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Melbourne In The Grip Of A Crime Wave

Just a small snapshot of the past few months in Melbourne, Victoria: a city in the grip of a crime wave that is terrorising ordinary Victorians trying to get on with life during a cost of living crisis.

The government, opposition, and police are nowhere to be found, hoping the community doesn’t notice they have lost complete control of the situation.

This is the real deal ā€“ real criminals and gang-linked hoodlums running rampant with no end in sight.

Daniel Andrews and Shane Patton fronted cameras to crack down on ordinary Victorians with extreme measures, to stop them from exercising their democratic rights over the past few years – but today they are missing in action.

Written by Rukshan Fernando

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  1. šŸ˜¢ And just a yr ago cops were out full force to fine anyone outside but this….
    Mmmm, I'm born in Europe and always bragged proudly to family that in Melbourne I never lock my door… Yet they were allowed to protest last yr… What the hell is happening to my city šŸ˜¢

  2. A friend of mine had his credit card stolen today. Police were called to the store where the shop owner knew the crook and they were told they couldnā€™t do anything and he had to go to the police department to put in an official report and then they may work on the report. They donā€™t care . And if you dare fight these crooks like maybe pepper spray them with some household concoction you are the one going to jail .. let that sink in

  3. This is the ā€œcaringā€ left. They will let immigrants be the primary victims of crime from other immigrants, then call you racist for criticising the perpetrators. They claim to care about gay kids but are happy to particularly target them to be sexualised when young then call you homophobic for criticising their perpetrators. They encourage women to do as little as possible to protect themselves from predators then call you sexist for saying women should be careful. Theyā€™ll keep Aboriginal kids growing up in abusive and violent surrounds then call you racist for wanting to remove them from such abuse. The people they claim to care about are always hurt the most. They are the human sacrifices for votes and power. The people they protect are always the perpetrators.

  4. Welcome to DANistan!
    Thanks Rukshan for your work highlighting this menace.
    ps. What has changed from 70 years ago and now?
    Well I will tell you…
    Forgot about God.
    What is God?
    We as a nation have turned from Him.
    I've heard many say to me
    "There is no God."
    God simply put is concious awareness.
    Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
    Without such morality does not exist.
    Jesus says the importance of the law is this…
    Justice, mercy and faithfullness.
    That is upright behaviour, forgiveness and loyalty.
    You take these things out of society and it will turn out like this video.
    This society has no respect for God and has become the devils plaything.
    You have to have standards for living.
    The alternative is anarchy.
    Righteosness exalts a nation while waywardness is a shame to any people.
    Victoria's police slogan is "uphold the right" but if there is no standard across the board, society breaks down to callous behaviour towards each other.
    The ten commandments Jesus sumed up like this…
    Love the Lord with all your heart, soul & body, and love your neighbour as yourself.
    It boils down to respect. Not rights, not rituals but concious respect for yourself and those around you.
    Unity strengthens whilst
    Diversity is politics.
    A kingdom divided against itself will fall.
    Peace and goodwill in Christ's name.

  5. Socialism = poverty and suffering for all.
    Melbourne will become and is already becoming San Francisco/California
    slow motion train wreck –
    the front of the train driven by corrupt Dan Andrews has derailed
    – those at the back best get off and leave
    or you will end up in a piling heap of economic and social carnage

  6. I think that if I was driving down the street and saw 4 or 5 people dressed like criminals with their faces covered and swinging machetes at random people, I would probably test the durability of my bullbar on them… also perhaps a good case for allowing law abiding citizens open and concealed carry of pistol, since the police are too busy manhandling old people and pregnant women out walking their dogs

  7. I was born and have lived here in Melbourne all my life and it's sad to see what has gradually happened and devolved here (largely unquestioned, or simply not questioned enough) over the past 20 years. It almost feels like the place has morphed into an alternate reality nowadays ….or perhaps one that I was simply and unwillingly transported to. I'd now leave my hometown if I could but care for my parents here…. and also sadly know that I'd never come back if I ever did leave.

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