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Michael Shellenberger, Twitter Files journalist and founder of Public is in London to discuss the international censorship industrial complex. He explains to Winston how the complex web of government, big tech, intelligence and media collude to suppress speech in the UK, America and beyond.

Michael will be continuing the debate on the censorship industrial complex with Russell Brand and Matt Taibbi on Thursday 22nd June at Central Hall, Westminster. Get tickets here:

00:00 – Introduction
02:04 – What is the censorship industrial complex?
29:21 – What is behind the censorship industrial complex?
38:30 – Is Michael Shellenberger being censored right now?
47:35 – The state of free speech in the UK, and should governments be able to monitor our online activity?
01:00:56 – Inside the Twitter Files and Michael’s experience of Elon Musk.

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  1. Im no expert like him, but the biggest lying and uniform reporting and self censorship I remember was prior to ( and during the ) Irak war. That was not in ( or not just) internet, it was the traditional media and self inflicted. The ginny got out of the bottle after 11s.

  2. The worlds reaction to Covid and the untrue rhetoric that was pushed on everyone was gross and unnecessary. It was incredibly destructive I agree with transparency on some things, but it’s almost as if the public wants COMPLETE transparency. In order for the country to be protected and successful, that is IMPOSSIBLE. Covert means covert for a reason. I agree with the example here, but it seems as if they are promoting people who work for our government to release all information to the public. Sensitive or no. That would put us immensely as risk. No country in their right mind would do that. I have learned about the French and Bolshevik Revolutions and do not agree with censorship and much of what goes on today. But our government needs to be able to work in a discreet way for much to be achieved

  3. And now the conservative supreme court has made it completely legal and normal for any private company to deplatform or refuse service (censorship if u like) with the court decisions the cake baker or graphic designer. Trump dismantled net neutrality to. Soooo blame the left all you want, the right has solidified it into law. Good job idiots

  4. The root cause of the frantic activity is that THE JIG IS UP for THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN spreading and feeding off ITS LIES and all those disciples of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN deep down know it, which on a cumulative basis leads to the SNOWBALL EFFECT of stupidity and coercion, which then brings to light all THE GARBAGE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN had been hiding in the closet for decades, centuries and even millennia. And it is not based on formal collusion or conspiracy but rather of truly contractual "meeting of the minds" to pursue a certain NARRATIVE in order every individual BELIEVING to benefit from the COERCIVE COURSE OF ACTION.

  5. When I first came to Africa back in 1983, I met an older Scottish guy who came from Southern Rhodesia, who told me that in SR, he listened to ALL the world service radio broadcasts from ALL the 'leading' countries on the right . . . on the left . . . and in the centre, and afterwards he would make up his OWN mind.
    I've pondered on this matter all these years and this decade has made me realise what sage advice this was, and I chose to follow it!
    If only people today could realise what real opportunities they have in life, rather than be slaves to the nonsense they chose to follow without making up their own minds!
    Ernie . . . RIP

  6. I got banned from reddit/ worldnews because I suggested that there was criminal liability by China for accidently releasing " failure to control" the Covid-19 virus which has been tracked back to the Wuhan virology lab. And suggesting that attorneys using The World Court in The Hague, Netherlands should file suit and claim damages of $ 2,000,000 per person, and the monies thus claimed should be given to the estates of the victims of the pandemic.

  7. Alot of young people are actually really on board with this protection of free speech argument i think the most heavily indoctrinated are actually millennials whereas gen z has been more or less split in two camps who are either with the woke nonsense or frustratedly against it. I think the criticism that should be levelled at gen z people who are against is that they aren't vocal enough in their opposition and this is due to being raised in increasingly woke enviroments and being ostracized for having an opinion.

  8. In a way hatred is rising, but only because the elite are provoking it. They talk about white supremacy constantly which has made blacks BOLD to talk shit about whites. Racism against whites is allowed and rewarded. You think whites arent noticing? All the provoking is intentional. Democrats had to create the hatred to continue getting the black vote.

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