Michael Shellenberger SLAMS Media Coverage Of DAMNING Twitter Files Hearings, ‘NOT SURPRISING’

Author of San Fransicko, and Twitter Files author Michael Shelleberger breaks down what to expect from the Twitter Files in the future. #Twitterfiles #msm

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  1. Only an idiot can defend section 230. We need to cancel sect 230, and fully implement the First Amendment in its place — through legislation making all social media platforms the explicit public street (the commons), as with any public utility/monopoly. We need zero censorship. We need zero govt officials talking to social media companies. The FBI is corrupt.

  2. She's insufferable. Does she think, with the political leadings of Twitter and the proclivity of the government, that there's going to be hordes of instances of Republicans forcing Twitter to censor their rivals?

    There's probably going to be something like 1 to a 100 ratio and the one will likely be Trump Bellowing to Twitter to do something and being completely ignored

  3. A trail of cookie crumbs all the way to the perpetrators plus the perps still have crumbs all over their faces. What's the problem?! Let's remember that most of the right conservatives have been determined to be seditionists which automatically condemns them to these kinds of actions. After all we are in a fight to save democracy!

  4. Michael is being way too deferential to Brihana. We all know it was almost exclusively conservatives being silenced by Twitter/FBI. Trump made some vain request about a celebrity, bfd 🙄 NO GOV OFFICIAL SHOILD BE SILENCING AMERICANS, period. Briahna is a partisan hack

  5. Based on following the Twitter files for a bit, it was definitely released to "prove" how Twitter bowed to the left and suppressed the right. With huge emphasis on hunter's laptop. Elon promoted it with "just wait until you see this" type marketing. Yet when it came out it didn't really say that at all. It was a bunch of requests that things be removed. The biggest being of hunter's nude photos. So now we are also being made aware of trumps more-than-just-requests that were made to take things down that amounted to insults.
    So am I way off base here? The coverage makes some sense to me.

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