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Moira Deeming: this is a ‘cultural and political crisis’

There were three groups outside Parliament House in Melbourne for the Let Women Speak rally in March: Moira Deeming and other campaigners for women’s rights; trans activists; and a small group of Nazis.

The only group not to make violent gestures were Moira and the women’s right’s campaigners.

Yet they are the ones who have since been vilified and threatened, and Moira herself has been temporarily expelled from her parliamentary party.

This is from the Why Can’t Women Talk About Sex? function hosted by Liberal Democrat John Ruddick at Parliament House in Sydney today.

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  1. My theory very early was that a) the violent pack in the counter demonstration were Dan Andrews fans, and b) that these puppet Nazis were organised by Dan Andrews who, imo is corrupt but politically the sharpest operator in OZ.

    I have not changed my mind since.

  2. I 100% support this woman. In fact I would support her for Victorian Premier. We appoint our politicians to make good judgements on our behalf.
    John Pesutto has proven in one major issue that he is incapable of exercising good judgement. In fact his decision is a complete travesty of justice.
    On that basis alone, I have no faith in ANY future decisions he makes. He can't even stand up for a senior minister in his own cabinet. Why would he stand up and represent our needs?

  3. I have always been astounded how chairman Dan gets elected. But all questions answered when you see the woke idiots in the Victorian Liberal Party. The question that Moira needs to answer is how in future she can attract the Marxist Woke who would further her career and not the Fascist Nazis as has happened on this occasion? A vexing question for a Victorian woman.

  4. Moria Demming is an amazing Australian woman, a leader.
    Pescutto is out of his depth and is in the wrong business and has no chance of winning an election.
    Moria Demming is an articulate and professional woman who is well educated and will be a great leader.
    Moria, never give in, hold your ground and believe in your convictions. A great leader and possibly a future Prime Minister.

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