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Monica Smit – Political Activist & Freedom Fighter. / Realtime with Rukshan – Episode 1

On the first episode of my new podcast show, “Realtime with Rukshan,” I am joined by Monica Smit, a political activist and freedom fighter based in Melbourne.

During this tell-all interview, we delve into Monica’s often controversial activism campaigns, particularly during the lockdowns in Victoria, and explore the profound impact her work has had on her personal and professional life.

We discuss Monica’s experience of being incarcerated for allegedly “inciting protests” in Melbourne, as well as address the criticisms raised concerning the financial transparency of the organisation she leads.

Listen along as we unravel the complexities surrounding Monica’s activism, the challenges she has faced, and the controversies that have shaped her journey.

Written by Real Rukshan

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  1. It's shameful the way the majority of humans in Australia supported the narrow minded enforcement of deliberate injustice on it's own citizens… a breeding ground for fear, ignorance and communism … always stand for whats true and right people, and God has your back against evil.

  2. Monica you are an inspiration to so many, thank you for being a voice against the injustice that was done to us by the tyrants that govern us. Thank you Rukshan for bringing real and truthful news to the people. Monica, enjoy the well deserved holiday 🙂 You two are both awesome humans.

  3. What happened to the independent Aussie spirit. What a shameful disgrace. Monica's experience has exposed a fake democracy in Australia, I am amazed at the backlash unleashed on a brave Australian citizen having their own point of view. Are we now a nation of global domination clones ?

  4. I love that you are going to be you Monica, even though I thought RDA was awesome also. Thank you so much for everything you have done and I hope that you start to feel again. And thank you Rukshan for a brilliant and open interview, and also for your work over the these years. ❤

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