Monty Python Anticipated Woke Culture 40 YEARS AGO!

You don’t have to be a nerd to appreciate Monty Python’s humor (although it helps). In fact, anyone looking around at woke culture today couldn’t help but be impressed with the prescience on display in a scene from the British humor troupe’s 1979 film Life of Brian, featuring a satirical conversation among a group of ancient Judeans during which one of their party insists that he wants to be a woman and that they all must subsequently call him “Loretta.”

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss other entertaining scenes in the film and promise to cover more in future live streams.

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  1. John Cleese hit it on the head !! Trans people unless they actually have a sex change, are delusional hypocrites!! Mate if you like dudes and wanna take it up the arse be my guest, but all that make you is a homosexual, a male homosexual, not non binary, not a woman, with women's rights, a cross dressing dude, who takes it up the arse, your choice, fairplay, but get a fcking grip would you!!!!

  2. They were at surprisingly subversive Cambridge Univ. a few years before me, Yours Truly. Remember: it was Cambridge – not establishment Oxford – that produced Philby, Blunt et al – "The Cambridge Five"…and "Footlights".
    NB. I was a Cambridge Univ(St.John's) student at a time when university education was free for non-wealthy or piss-poor kids like myself. Before Cambridge Univ I was educated by extreme poverty and by growing up on a so-called social-housing UK "council estate". And back then, many other,er, unlikely geniuses from similarly poor backgrounds could still make it to "Oxbridge" if they had the necessary drive, intelligence, cramming ability and the will to escape poverty and the social housing ghetto.
    Paul G

  3. Maybe what this shows us is that human nature is universal and that understanding humans first will show us that no policy or governance can overcome our proclivities without force. And access to that force only attracts the worst among us. How many examples do we need? There will always be individuals who seek to abuse this power that we think is necessary for a civilized society. It’s only a matter of time. Every system will fail.

  4. That's not at all about "woke" culture. It's about how politically left (not liberals, but the actual political left) factions has always fought among itself.
    And stuff like this (and not knowing what words mean) is what puts actual leftists off your channel, Jimmy. You're often angry with the correct parties, but you're knowledge/history-free.

  5. Some things in life are bad

    They can really make you mad

    Other things just make you swear and curse

    When you're chewing on life's gristle

    Don't grumble, give a whistle

    And this'll help things turn out for the best


    Always look on the bright side of life

    Always look on the light side of life…

  6. What happens guys is that neither of you were ever a member of a Marxist organization in the West, which were all either “Socialdemocrats”, or some variety of it. These gender matters have been part of the “revolutionary” movement’s debate since early 1900s. It started as a fight for women rights against patriarchy in the late 1800 and then all that crystallized in the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. This gigantic step forward for human society taken in Russia, had an impact on Western Socialdemocrats who in turn tried to capitalize on the popularity of Bolshevik social policies by renaming all that “expansion of rights”. However for “Socialdemocrats”(which is what most Western Marxists were) that should happen within capitalism which ironically is a system built from and for EXCLUSION. Once again, in the West (USA, Europe), the Marxist movement was disgracefully contaminated by Socialdemocracy and liberalism, that’s why instead of fighting for fairness and equality of rights between men and woman (since they were pro capitalists, they couldn’t implement any revolution) they pushed for the “expansion of rights” in the middle of a terribly unfair society.
    This scene (I believe this is Life of Brian) shows what “Eurocommunists”, “Socialdemocrats” and “Liberals”, (and many times Trotskyists) all of which opposed socialism and communism, were discussing for decades and decades way before it was massively known by everyone.

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