MORE Illegal Overseas Chinese Police Stations Found

Illegal overseas Chinese police stations have been discovered all over the world. First started by two counties in China, two other counties have now been found to be sending their police abroad—and without their host countries’ knowledge. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at where these new police stations were found, why some host countries are trying to downplay the findings, and what these police stations are doing in abroad.

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  1. Nations are giving up their autonomy , people don’t want to be free , they want to be ‘taken care of’ , dependent on a ‘strong unifying leader’ and ‘elite’ experts to ‘guide’ them and develop their society for them , its just social engineering .. comon man

  2. Overseas Chinese were one of the factors in the 1911 revolution, so the Chinese Communist Party did not want overseas Chinese to become a kind of pro-democratic base, at least to divide the political allegiance of overseas Chinese so as to undermine the pro-democracy base. Please note that overseas Chinese are ethnic Chinese who have become citizens of other countries, this is certainly disgusting and disturbing because the Chinese Communist Party can use pro-Beijing overseas Chinese groups as weapons such as intelligence gathering, undermining social cohesion, etc.

  3. Do you trust the police? Like many things run by democratic government they have their good and bad side, but foreign police in your own borders? Who the heck wants to put up with that? Because police are trained in surveillance, they can make excellent spies, so in countries like China which intensively use police surveillance and propaganda to politically control the population (not necessarily fight common crime, which should be the primary function of police), they end up subverting the foreign countries they serve in because they are not subject to the criminal justice system of their host country.

  4. The Democrat Party's ideology is indistinguishable from the Chinese Communist Party. Communism isn't Chinese. Communism isn't Russian. Communism is eponymously named for Karl, son of a rabbi, Marx. Communism is Jewish. After all, Jews comprised 5% of the Russian population during the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, yet 70% of the Bolshevik leadership that killed more Christians than German Socialists killed Jews.

  5. This is absolute bullshit! Let’s see all the countries that China have police stations in, then see if those countries have police stations in China. I know that was a mess of the English language, but seriously, 🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳🖕🇨🇳

Nooooo You cant expose our NARRATIVE like this

Nooooo! You cant expose our NARRATIVE like this!!

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