Mud Wizard Traps Entire Police Department

This is the greatest mud wizard of All Time
I stream every day

Written by penguinz0

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  1. the mud wizard could run on the mud because he as a whole weighs as much as the boots of the police alone. and he is a pathetic a**hole for attacking them when they cant defend themselfes. those cops are just doing their job even though many of them probably would rather stand on the other side. im happy to know for a fact that this mud wizard a**hole got the sh*t beaten out of him later on so he got what he deserves.
    and dont missunderstand me i have nothing against fighting the police for a good cause like this but do it when they can defend themselfes not like this pu**y.

  2. The police are struggling for 3 reasons:

    1. They used a water cannon previously, so big derp on their part 🤪
    2. The mud is acting like quick sand, and they’re fully armored and wearing up to 60 pounds of equipment and riot gear
    3. The Mud Wizard was summoned and is toying with them at will, rendering them completely helpless like Sid from Toy Story when he’s terrorizing all his action figures

  3. The Terrain was a future coal mine. Environmentalist have barricaded themselfes in the condemed village Lüzerath to protest it. The Protests go now on for some time. They were in the trees, they even dug a tunnel, it is like the Vietnam war. Later even Greta Thunberg showed up, and a picture, there she is hauled away by cops became a meme. The protest with the Wizard (btw. a Franciscan Monk) was short after the guys in the tunnel surrendered. Even the catholic church commented, that an actual monk wouldn't attack the police.

  4. Looking deeper into this, you realize there's no good guy in this fight
    The reason the police are there is because a power company wants to mine coal there
    The reason the power company is mining coal, is because the German government needs energy
    The reason they need energy is because of the energy crisis going throughout Europe
    The reasons there's an energy crisis, is because places like Germany relied too much on Russian oil for their power
    The reason the Germans relied on Oil for energy, is because Germany and it's people have protested any idea for a Nuclear Plant, which would fix their energy crisis

    And now they're going to use Coal, which is significantly more harmful to the environment
    The enviromentalists brought this on themselves

  5. Germany in a nutshell….. plan/act with the borderline ban diesel of petrol cars, outlaw nuclear energy, use dirtiest possible russian-import coal. All for the sake of "climate change policies".

    Now they are even more pro-active in it, outright destroying village communities to obtain coal

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