Musk Fact Checks Jack Dorsey In Real Time Over Twitter’s Kid Pron Issue



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  1. With a bunch of glowies effectively running twitter Dorsey was likely there to be a fall guy for when this eventually happened and was probably trying not to get clintonized, just washed his hands of any real decisions and let it go how it did… Which makes twitter little more than a government black op and Dorsey a dupe, doesn't absolve him but that's likely how it went down.

  2. Look, why would they sell this shit show to Musk. If they knew that there was shit to find out, they wouldn't, unless, of course, they had no choice! They don't need the money. So obvious that this is all orchestrated to show these cun#s up for what they are.
    So, for now, we have no choice but to just sit back at watch the show to wake the masses, rather than them just come out with it all straight away.

  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say nothing will happen to any of these people. Elon Musk removed a massive propaganda platform from the left. The mainstream media will either not report on it or claim it's not a big deal. The normies will just not be told about any of this or be told it's a right wing conspiracy.

  4. So I place lots of comments about people acting like salty cracker scamming and stealing and don't get any responses does anyone see this just hit a like or say something because something fishy is going on here. I've left a bunch of messages about either salty cracker or someone posing as him stealing money and have never gotten a response

  5. All that bollox about "Trust and Safety" to censor people, but when they really had to protect the vulnerable with some of that "Trust and Safety", they failed miserably.
    This now proves how quick major change can occur in a major entity. Now, lets start on "other large entities" with a major cleanout.

  6. The people of the dark force the satanic sinful nature of man is being exposed big time. And you're all about to be exposed to the fury of the whirlwind, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end time. The wicked were taken up off the Earth then and the wicked Chevy taken up off the Earth sooner than you want to believe because Satan's works are coming to an end in the Earth and that includes his children that you see getting busted day in and day out.

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