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Myocarditis, don’t bother to report

TGA to stop reporting myocarditis

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Myocarditis is reported in around 2 in every 100,000 of those who receive Spikevax (Moderna).

As reporting rates of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination are very stable,

we will not include this section in future COVID-19 vaccine safety reports.

However, we continue to monitor and review these adverse effects and will communicate any updated safety advice if needed.

Primary course recommendations

COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people aged 5 years or older to protect against COVID-19.

For most people, a primary vaccination course consists of 2 doses.

Adverse reactions, TGA data

One adverse event report per 490 doses given, 0.2039%

In Western Australia


10,428 adverse events (97%) occurred after a COVID-19 vaccine

21 times more common than ‘conventional’ vaccines

Swiss data

Myocardial Injury after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Booster Vaccination

mRNA-1273 vaccine-associated myocardial injury was adjudicated in 22 participants (2.8%).

(N = 777 per group)

One in 35 recipients (2.8%) had vaccine-associated myocardial injury

Matched controls, elevated high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T concentration

Significantly higher in post vaccination group p less than 0.001

Thai study

Cardiovascular Manifestation of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

After BNT162b2, 2nd dose, Thai adolescents, aged 13–18 years,
n = 314

Seven participants (2.33%) exhibited at least one elevated cardiac biomarker

Myopericarditis was confirmed in one patient after vaccination.

Two patients had suspected pericarditis

Four patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis

Hence, adolescents receiving mRNA vaccines should be monitored for cardiovascular side effects.

Israeli study

A prospective study on myocardial injury after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 fourth dose vaccination in healthy persons

Incidence of myocardial injury after fourth dose BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech)

N = 324

Reported vaccine-related adverse reactions

Chest pain in 12 (3.7%)

Palpitations in 7 (2.16%)

Vaccine-related myocardial injury in two (0.62%)

Post-COVID-19 vaccination

As of 23 November 2022,

following Pfizer/BioNTech

851 reports of myocarditis and

579 reports of pericarditis

Total of 1,430

Following Moderna vaccine
251 reports of myocarditis

149 reports of pericarditis

Total of 1,530

As of 23 November 2022,

myocarditis following monovalent Pfizer/BioNTech was 10 reports per million doses;

If there is a suspicion of myocarditis or pericarditis, initial investigations should be:

12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG)

inflammatory blood markers (C-reactive protein (CRP), full blood count (FBC) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)


If there is no evidence of ongoing myocarditis, vaccination may be considered with the Pfizer/BioNTech (Cominarty) vaccine from 12 weeks after their last dose if further doses are due.

If the individual feels well after receiving their COVID-19 vaccination, then there is no need to pre-emptively restrict physical activity post vaccination and individuals can continue with their pre-existing level of physical activity.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. Big surprise ( sarcasm) , the government are rigging numbers as usual. They are treating all this as a market. And as with all other markets they are manipulating the market. I’ve advised my adult son( thankfully not seeming covaids vax affected, although I question the affect of childhood vaccines) to never trust a doctor(gp) and avoid at all costs going to any hospital. I now understand why my grandparents strongly felt that hospitals are where u go to die.( or be “ mismanaged” into your deathbed.)

  2. Why are they still recommended in America (the vaccines for children over 5, etc?) … Because we are CORRUPT. Because those who VOTE for this from the FDA… Leave and get CUSHY jobs as consultants with the Drug Companies they just made a TON of $$$ for. Factor in the money. It makes sense.
    New Rule: You leave the FDA and work for a drug company. YOU MUST TAKE 10 Doses of the WORST mRNA doses…

  3. This is what they're saying, "Human life isn't valuable to you, not even your life, because you're willing to allow a stranger to inject a foreign untested substance into your body just to avoid social ramifications, while you support putting that same pressure on others around you. And since you're that stupid, we're here to force you to think in a better way. A way that serves us…"

  4. Campbell IS NOT a medical doctor. He is a NURSE with a PhD in Nursing Education. Actual medical doctors have repeatedly called him out for what they characterise as flawed analyses and outright misinformation:

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  5. I for one, find the mass vaccination of leftists to be one of the most beautiful things ever done on earth. Maybe these Hebrew globalist WEF people aren’t as bad as we think… they did to leftists on a mass scale what we could only have dreamed of… (which is safely and effectively saving them from COVID of course!)

    Can I say BASED?!

  6. I remember when all this shit first started and I said to my wife we are not taking the vaccine then it comes out because it's all plann people looked at me like I'm a crazy person my wife lost her good paying job we nearly put the house on the market but thankfully my job wasn't mandated I guess we had the last laugh we are healthy with a healthy 1-year-old and one other on the way I will be showing my kids about all these shenanigans when they get older and they will have a generation what will not trust the government ever again I myself really never trusted the government to begin with but this just sets it in stone

  7. Good job Dr. Campbell. Of course greed and money are the driving force behind all this corruption. If you are a Christian you know it is Satan behind all Main Stream entities, including medicine, science, government, media, entertainment and judicial systems. Judges are bribed, governors are bribed, congressmen and deans. All corrupt, like a sewer and we are living in it.

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