Narratives and Strategies of Far-Left Extremists

The EU has produced some quite insidious extremist propaganda that is operating under the guise of opposing extremism. In the process, they are marginalising very real and very centrist concerns for public safety.


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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. This video is one of the most self-defeating pieces of propaganda I have ever seen. The entire point of the video should've been: if there is rape, harassment, or crime in your area call the police. Don't rely on extremist political groups to protect your people, get help from those trained exactly for this purpose. Instead I'd imagine someone like Richard Spencer would come away from this video feeling validated in their beliefs and happy with themselves.

  2. Why is it that the only solutions the left ever seem to offer to problems boils down to "okay, story-time…"
    If I'm sitting there with bruises on my face, telling me the sob-story of the guy who hit me is not going to solve my grievance.
    And if I wanted to carve out my own space to have my own self-indulgent story-time… well… it's fire-alarms and air-horns and placards and screeching.
    And if I want to merely defend my right to speak out at all… then it's Nazi, bigot, MRA, fascist, right-wing, racist… shut up and suffer in silence, arsehole.
    Look at the language they commonly use: They're always talking about "changing the narrative" or "listening to people's voices" or "making sure we have a safe (purified) space for people to speak and tell their story." That's all they are doing now – sitting in a huge circle, telling each other tall tales. And they wonder why people might be leaving the left. Not joining the right – leaving the left.
    (So the real question is, with the left's predilection for storytelling, why are the stories they produce for entertainment (you know the list) so woefully terrible? A good question… for another time…)

  3. I think we are seeing the ultimate goal being brought into sight more and more clearly. The new one world religion established during the lockdown the merging of Catholicism and Islam and I believe the removal of alcohol music and women freedoms and many more of the western culture will be destroyed in the new one world order and new one world religion it’s all out there just do a little research and get down a few deep rabbit holes

  4. You don't need to be a woman. These NA guys love roving in packs.
    Last time I got a concussion, bent glasses and a busted celphone. Though one of them was stupid enough to lose his unlocked cellphone. Easy job for the cops.
    The first time I got attacked the guy made a serious laps in judgement. Don't attack a kid that is a good swimmer and freediver. Introduced the guy to the bottom of the pool. Six meters down.

  5. There would be very little racism if we were all actually treated equally under the law but since we abandoned integration in favour of multi culture some are more equal than others, what people really hate is the failure of authorities to deal with wrongdoing by certain groups, not the groups themselves.

  6. So RAN want to give this girl a safe space, a platform, a chance to express her thoughts, rather than actually tackle the male harassment? Where are the feminists now?
    And it gets twisted in such a way that standing up for the victims of sexual harassment and tackling the males who are committing the crimes now makes people 'far right'?
    Well, I suppose everyone appears far right when compared to karl 'skid' marx

  7. 17:16 obviously the government understands this point because the immigration questionnaire asks specifically about whether women are equal to men. Unfortunately circling "yes" to get the desired outcome (admittance into the country) doesnt magically transform peoples minds. You wont be able to iron that wrong way of thinking out of a 15 year olds mind. If you're lucky, their grandchildren might reject those ideas.

  8. Mom: OH MY GOD SWEETIE! What happened??? Are you ok???
    Daughter: no I was harassed by a group of men.
    Mom:We need to call the police! What did they look like???
    Daughter: well they had dark hair and darker featur-
    Mom: wait what? No hun, nothing happened to you. Now go to your room and stop sounding like a nazi.

  9. 25:30 "I would give her a platform for her voice and allow her to engage in a movement or action that she wants to see"

    You mean like the "far right" group that is networking together and shares her concerns about her safety and community? These people are massive dolts in love with the soumd of their own voice and dream of everyone holding hands and singing songs together.

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