NATO Chief Admits Ukraine War Due to NATO Expansion

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Written by Richard Medhurst

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  2. Before 2022, I understood Putin's fears about further NATO expansion. But when he, just before invasion, demanded that NATO should go back to 1997 borders, I knew that chances of war skyrocketed. This was a demand of a warmonger. That's what warmongers do before going to war: They announce apsurd demands they know the other side would never accept. It happend when Austo-Hungary gave it's list of demands to Serbia in 1914.

    And also, if your country is a NATO member, it is in your interest that NATO troops from other countries (France, USA…) will be stationed in your country. It is a guarantee of safety and it means that the alliance is serious – actions, and not just words. In case of invasion, soldiers from other NATO members will also die, not just yours.

  3. It's quite simple the US needs an enemy so they can keep selling weapons to NATO members and the more NATO members the more sales. Destroy an enemy create another after Russia it will be China. The US exports two things war and Hollywood movies without that there downfall will be faster. The problem with Russia is that now the war has been started on there end they are becoming undone by fighting a country that is stronger than NATO combined who has yet to categorise this as a war because they know the moment they do Ukraine is obliterated and they know the West is run by stupid idiots that would try and send nukes out of fear. One good thing out of this war the US and its allies have shown the rest of the world how weak they are and they are now openly negotiating trade deals with Russia and China with little or no fear of the West

  4. Instead Nato chose to humiliate themselves and lose all credibility or be forced to escalate the war to nuclear war. Well fuckin played mr. Stoltenbump. Berg would be too great to describe this little minded moron. His toilet complex cost 400 000 ukrainian lives. May God be mercifull on him, if it is possible. Too much innocent blood in his hands.

  5. Забавно, что уже сейчас мы все понимаем, кто на хорошей стороне истории.
    НАТО и коллективный "Запад" буквально зло. Вы можете взять ЛЮБОЙ крупный военный конфликт за последние 60 лет и в 9 из 10 случаев будет прямой или косвенный след "Золотого миллиарда который живет в саду".

  6. This is really dumb "Ooo, look what YOU MADE ME do!" energy. The idea that the fascist would not have attacked if we complied with his wishes is stupid beyond belief. The idea that we have to surrender all of our agency to our bully or their bad behavior is "our fault" gets the causality of the situation ass-backwards.

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