NATO Head ADMITS To Provoking Russia Into Ukraine War

During a recent conference, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a startling admission. He said that prior to the Ukraine War, Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised not to invade Ukraine if he could extract a promise that NATO would not expand any further. Stoltenberg says the request was dismissed out of hand and now we are witnessing the consequences.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Stoltenberg’s surprising admission and whether the statement brands him as a “Putin puppet.”

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  1. This has probably been a Norwegian plan for several years. Remember that Obama suddenly received the Nobel Peace prize and went to Norway in 2009. Then a couple of years passes and the Norwegian Prime minister at that time becomes the leader of NATO in 2014. By the way Jens Stoltenberg and the Norwegian labour party was one of the biggest economic supporters to the Clinton Foundation. Parts of the plan fell apart with the election of Trump over Hillary for president in 2016.

  2. So… which one is it then ? He is Hitler and wants to bring USSR back, or (Like most of us normal ppl said) he is doing what EVERY capable nation would do, defending his border from a hostile group of countries who want to fortify for potential future war.

    Because the reality of what is going on has been super obvious from the start. I mean… not for Americans, they have no idea where Europe, Russia, Ukraine, where anything that is not "Murica" is.

    Again, the USSR tried the same thing in Cuba. The US put Cuba in a 50+ year time prison. Somehow this is ok, but Russia preventing the same thing happening in Ukraine ? Nahh, cant have that.

  3. Jimmy, please make Pasta your co-host. IMO Kurt adds nothing to the analysis or discussion, and doesn’t work well with Pasta at all. Pasta has a great affinity with Jimmy. Thanks Jimmy, and congrats again on your outstanding speech at the UN.

  4. If Putin got together with China, North Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Africa / various African countries, some South American countries for good measure – then formed an 'Eastern' style NATO…………. I wonder if America would panic and make NATO start the war to end all wars. It would be a threat to their empire building dreams.

  5. So if NATO was created at the end of WWII to prevent the Soviet Union from invading Western Europe and the Soviet Union is NO MORE, then why does NATO even exist? Western Europe needs to pay for their own defense and stop US tax dollars to help fund them. We need to broker a peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine and then dissolve NATO. That would save a lot of Ukrainian lives.

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