NATO Head Says “Ukraine Will Join Our Alliance”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Finland and declared that “Ukraine will join our alliance”…Scott Ritter Veteran and Former UN Weapons Inspector joins the show to give us his analysis.

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. 1:20 After all those centuries of plundering Europe, these belligerent vikings still can not get enough of murdering, and plundering; just look at what Norway has done to the Nord Stream pipelines! Nowadays, I have to pay 5 to 6 times more for my energy, and my life has been made miserable by these warlords serving US's interests, at the expense of Europe!

  2. 9:47 So, Kim is wondering why the Ukraine has not been an easy walk over for Russia; as if the West's preparation of the Ukraine for war with Russia, and the West's military, financial, sanctions, et cetera, involvement, are not that relevant to what is going on!

  3. Then Putin will end up dead!!! Not that I want him dead. But according to his own Ideology, Nato at Russia's Door Step will lead to World War 3. Either the West will squeeze Russia so Hard Another Russian Oligarch will Betray Putin and uave him Removes from power. Unless This is all Part of the Plan.

  4. I think this is about starting the fourth industrialization by the globalists and it is a proxy war. I think they thought that they were gonna pin Putin up against the wall and that the rest of the countries would follow and I think they want to get rid of oil and he supplies oil to Europe, when Germany and France did pollen all of them are trying to go back to fossil fuels because they’re alternative energy plan didn’t work in their country. So this is about E.S.G., carbon footprint, digital ID, there was a big globalist plan that has now been interrupted because they thought they were gonna poke the bear and when, but they underestimated Putin. He almost got hungry and turkey to pull out of NATO. He made deals with them to be oil distributors. Then he was teaming up with Saudi Arabia. He’s a smart guy. We heard a lot of his media from Russia saying that he was willing to talk peace talks, but that he didn’t want Ukraine joining NATO and there was an agreement done in 2014 when also in but she was in there there was an agreement and they’ve gone back on that agreement when it comes to Crimea. So I think they just want to get rid of oil and bring in stakeholder capitalism guarantees big corporations, always stay big and guarantees population control to with artificial intelligence and there’s somehow class Schwab from the world economic forum. Seems to think he’s God and he’s gone all the power players together to believe in Mesa Jenda, and they’re carrying it out through policies and laws being infiltrated by politicians and corporations, working collectively and the ordinary citizen it’s not a billionaire will be controlled. Ultimately their goal is population control via carbon footprint yesterday so the New World order.

  5. I can't help wondering whether Western leaders can be considered competent. Perhaps they just following orders of an incompetent person. Indeed, I'm reminded of the incompetent decisions made by George III prior to and following the American War of independence.

  6. Finland is sold and will be the new battleground for the weapons industry. Why Finland? Because they have a strong identity which is not in the interest of the New World Order. Their Prime Minister is not representing the Finnish but listens to the World Economic Forum. She should be prosecuted for treason.

  7. To Kim: The Finnish are no warmongers, but very trusting and easy to be deceived by their government. Especially the older generation fear the return of ww2 where they fought Stalin and lost. So its easy to wake up these old fears. But there is hope, there are elections in the end of March. Lets see if the Finnish wake up.

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