NATO Is Moving The World Towards WWIII, It’s Inevitable

Colonel Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.

Full Interview with stephen Gardner on July 15, 2023.

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  1. I am from Sweden: The government went behind the peoples backs and declared that they will enter NATO. We, the people, weren't asked. Their decision to join NATO is based on fear. There has been no public debate no public analysis, nothing. I am outraged and many with me here in Sweden because of this. This is NOT acceptable. They lie in Swedish media daily, just gasping out what comes in via the US media. They do not seem to have any knowledge of what took place in Ukraine before 2022. No clues. Complete ignorance. It is scary and abhorrent.

  2. I agree , people in the west are dumb and blind to what is happening in Ukraine. The elites learned from Vietnam best way to get away with wars is not use American lives and use other people to get killed and if you must use American soldiers then pick a fight with weak opponents

  3. The United States is on the verge of losing our Status as the World's Reserve Currency. That's WHY we are provoking a Conflict in Ukraine – Taiwan. That's what this entire play on the World's Stage is all about. That's it. NOTHING more. If and when this turns Hot; only God Know's. From where i stand; IF we can go another 1 – 1.5 Years we'll be lucky.

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  5. President PUTIN makes the biggest mistake of his life or he will be dispose sooner than later .
    He should launched a major strikes until the border of POLAND -until all Ukrainian forces is decimated for good .
    If NATO & US gets involved in the war against RUSSIA – it will be their biggest mistakes . The alliance phrase ' NO LIMITS – will bring CHINA into the war as what President XI JIN PING is trigger happy to wipe out all those BASTARDS – who want war so CHINA & RUSSIA is going to give them one sooner than later .
    US is nothing when confronted with the superiority of the Chinese – LAND , SEA , AIR & SPACE .

  6. State department Pentagon senate house leaders need be arrested..they do not work for. USA people.. Fox News CNN. ABC NBC CBS cnbc. Etcetera.. work for Klaus shwabb. Bill gates Anthony fauci Satanist zionists Talmud ic. Fake jews. Who. Work for Synagogue of Satan Netanyahu Bennett Rothschild soros.. British royal family.. so America has been already taken over by communists pedifiles Satanist zionists. Like milley blinken Pelosi Schumer McCarthy Netanyahu soros Etcetera. Fox News Hannity CNN Anderson Cooper support. Are Satanists who support.. Cheney bushes Clinton s. Biden. Trump kissing er. Klaus shwabb. It's a uniiparty all msm. News channels pretend. They don't like. Other as borders remain open congress spends over 2 trillion dollars in deficit spending federal spending..dumdshit cops sherriffs American people have no clue or intelligence about mostly food prices double I n flatiron really at 15 percent. …Satanist zionists entities control state department Pentagon senate leaders house of representatives..

  7. They are NOT liberals. Liberals don't exist ANYMORE. They are socialists Marxists.. who want to end our Nation-State.. Most of whom aren't intelligent enough to comprehend COL MacGregor. RU has a right to have neutral nations on it's borders. They are no longer communists but Capitalists who comported just fine trading with Germany and the EU. There are those who dislike peace.. Beware Russians never bluff. They been invaded on a regular basis for 1000 years.

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