NATO Members Are Now Openly Discussing War Plans Against Russia

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  1. My most profoundly respect and admiration towards Sir Douglas Macgregors' deep analysis and capability to understand the current world and foresight what is coming. Shouldn't his great knowledge be seated in the White House or at least in the Congress? Just asking because I would like to work for him or at least to be his student in order to learn what no other professor might be capable of teaching

  2. Great to see the Colonel on main stream media. Its about time everybody woke up. Lets not start talking about the Crime family running everything. The snow hooverers and sniffers who need jail. Whats the most corrupt country in the world right now??? No its not North Korea.

  3. The irony is that the US military is subjected to civilian supervision and control to prevent military coups, but the civilians in charge are not the elected officials (who have been bribed) but the civilian arms merchants. "We, the People" just can't win.

  4. I don't think it's wise for a News anchor to go around calling people a murderous thug on MSM News unless he can back that up with proof and list of victims and not mere speculation he's come to believe simply because he is an indoctrinated stooge himself. I've never heard Putin outright call for the assassination of any world leader as Graham did on National News. This incessent need to demonize Putin is quite sickening to listen to quite frankly & is completely counter productive and slanderous on top of it.

  5. Don't you love the hypocrisy, Putin is a thug for attacking Ukraine after the west provoked this war, yet nearly every American leader has ocean fills of blood on their hands and are, what, hero's? You gotta be joking. Ask the families of the victims around the globe if they believe if Putin or the west are thugs and you will get the answer. America are the thugs, and I as a westerner would go as far as calling the Americans the terrorists of the world. Change my mind.

  6. Why did this war not wrap up in two weeks? Americans are so predictable. Because Americans always, always think a war will be over by Christmas. Americans have zero idea of that "going to war" actually means. Here's my question for our overlords at the Pentagon: How much money have you been getting year after year, and you don't even have enough ammunition for the Ukrainian Army to be home by Christmas? There is far more afoot that just my fellow citizens not understanding how materiel gets to a theater — or how food gets to the store.

  7. It doesn't matter what Ukraine wants. Its the reality of war, and they have lost. Putin presented an easy peace deal to the US and Ukraine (look it up ..! ) in dec 2021 but US and Ukr said no. Then it was presented again in march 2022, after Russian forces halted their attack on Kiev. But again it was rejected, though the main Ukr peace diplomat and the Turkish mediators said it was agreed, and then soon after this, Boris showed up and soon then the peace diplomat was assassinated. And in all of those proposals, Russia wanted no territory at all except for Crimea, where 80% of the voters have always been pro Russian, not anti russian like the regions of western ukraine. (look it up… google search for 2010 or earlier election results by region ..but after the 2014 overthrow of the elected Russian-friendly pres by the pro EU parties, the Ukr government outlawed the main pro Russian party located in the Eastern Ukraine Donbas).
    So, Ukraine should not have listened to the Biden neocon warhawks who goaded them on to fight the Russians (who the neocons view as our enemy). Too bad for Ukraine, with 100s of thousands dead for Nothing! The US fced up… as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam… (and just as in all the neocon wars, they consistently lied to the American people about it all). Im just telling the truth. All of these facts can be discovered bv just a few hours of indep research.

    Am I pro putin? No. Am I a dissident American? No. I want America to kick out these pro war neocon moorrans. They aren't our elected representatives ! They were put there by the Biden political team that was chosen by someone or some group that none of us even know who they are. So Im not anti American. Im simply urging Americans to kick out those now in charge of the American government.
    Because We Deserve Better.

    And do I want to enter into a full-scale war with Russia …over this Ukraine-Russian conflict? No. And anyone who tbinks America or Europe should go full-scale into this war… is nutso.

  8. 4:33, you know Putin is a murderous thug? I don't think so, if he treated some of his people very harshly it was because they were traitors. How about the murderous thugs who had inside involvement in 9/11 which killed around 3000 innocent people? how about those responsible for illegally invading Iraq which led to the deaths of 100s of thousands of innocent Iraqis just to mention two mass murder events.

  9. 21:30 "The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting wars". Well since US/NATO actually started this war by interfering in Ukraine elections in 2013 and infiltrating/funding neo-nazi groups in Ukraine to attack Russians in the Donbass, so I guess the best security guarantee we can have is that US/NATO are thoroughly humiliated in defeat by Russia in Ukraine, then they should retreat and begin to focus on the many domestic crises threatening their own nations.

  10. oh, c'mon … Joe Biden's not running ANYTHING in our government or military … his puppet handlers are … start your search over in that Kalorama neighborhood, there's a guy over there who boasted about having a 3rd term by manipulating a marionette

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