NATO Never Wanted Peace In Ukraine Says Fmr. German PM Angela Merkel

From the “Saying the quite part out loud” file we have the recent remarks from former German Prime Minister Angela Merkel who told a reporter that the NATO countries signing on to the 2014 Minsk accords stipulating a ceasefire in the Donbas region of Ukraine never had any intention of following through and compelling Ukrainian forces to lay down their weapons. The goal was merely to buy time, Merkel said, for Ukraine to develop its military capabilities for the inevitable conflict with Russia.

Jimmy and Kurt wonder why, if what Merkel says is true, Russia should ever believe a word Western powers say in future negotiations.

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  1. Ursula is actualy has higher salary than any president and prime minister in europe and US. Her salary is actually coming from EU contribution, mostly from US. hahaha. fun fact. when trump was in power and threat to cut contribution to NATO and EU, it shaken her and other NAT0 and EU leaders.

  2. Tell me, why are you so gleefully happy about the oppression, torture, looting, rape and murder that Ukrainians are suffering at the hands of the Russians? No, tell me. I really want to know. It can't just be the money Putin pays you, right? You have to at least believe some of this bullshit? Right?

  3. Nothing like a good war to assist the global oligarchy of evil. Putin’s Russia is also very oligarchic. I’m sure he’s also in on the global oligarchic plan to destroy the West, democracy and freedom. There is only one enemy. It’s a tiny clique of collusive and evil oligarchs. The most powerful ones hold US passports, unfortunately. These people, however, have no allegiance to any people, country, constitution or anything morally correct / good.

  4. Jimmy , you got this horribly wrong ! you say " a buncha right wingers overthrew the government with the help of the united states and the cia in 2014 …"
    no man . this crime was planned by obama and biden long before 2014 but it was at that time they got all the "bad actors" in place and executed that part of this very very evil sacrifice of the Ukraine and its people in what was far more than a staged coup with these snotzi clowns who are basically just the brainless dupes of the usa's malignant framing of Russia as an aggressor , when it was them being backed into a corner by u.s controlled nato and Putin resorting to a very subdued and "kid gloves" approach in defending themselves .

  5. Russia did not enter the Minsk accords in good faith because Minsk accords were basically agreed upon with Ukraine looking down the barrel of Russia’s gun. Just because you don’t like American imperialism doesn’t mean Russian imperialism is ok. Who orchestrated a coupe, Russia instigating several new republics on the edge of Ukraine or Ukrainians removing a corrupt Russian stooge from their government? Cite evidence that the CIA was involved. I’m ready to listen. Why do you implicitly trust Russia’s government Jimmy? This is sloppy thinking. No doubt there are war hawks in NATO and EU, but let’s not turn blinders on to Russian aggression.

  6. So this was just a ruse to get Russia to attack 8 years later and bleed them dry? I guess Putin isnt as clever as many think for falling into the trap. With that said would any of this have happened if Russia didnt invade in 2014 and subsequently invaded for a second time in 2022? I am having a hard time working up sympathy for a country which invaded its neighbor twice in less than a decade.

  7. Right wingers is a broad brush. If anything its the nazi's in the white house, just ask the Russian named sergey.Are all democrats leftist are all Republicans right wingers no. Are all Independents middle of the road no. You can thank MCCAIN and Lindsay Graham for Ukrain , CB, nato, EU, and many more of these globlist you know the one world government
    This is all about a currency war. Libya Russia BRICS.

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