Nazigate – The Grayzone live

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the international scandal that unfolded when the Liberal Party of Canada’s Justin Trudeau honored a Ukrainian Nazi veteran of the Waffen-SS, and the dark history it forced to the surface.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. 18:43
    Mate is wrong there. it is a nazi regime. this is what the u.s. and the euro-filth do: detect a minority that is the most radical and criminal, give it money, weapons and all political, diplomatic and propaganda support and put it in power and then call it democratic. that is how the criminal west put in power this banderite scum in power in the ultra violent coup of 2014: the most sinister murderous terrorist genocidal fundamentalist death cult in this world, the ISIS of europe. they are willing to force women and children into their collapsing puppet army.
    Mate should not make this mistake.

  2. Putin is absolutely right : since the anti-democratic coup of Maidan baked by the USA, the Kiev government, including Zelensky's, has never stopped paying homage to SS monsters like Stepan Bandera: there is not a town or city in Ukraine that does not have streets, monuments, statues dedicated to Nazis who committed horrendous crimes against Russians, Jews, Poles, etc.

  3. So, this was the scandal?

    The support of the Nazi regime goes unnoticed, and this scandal is unrelated to that?

    Even more important is the corruption spreading from sending money and profiting from it. The grift!

    It will hurt us long after this debacle is over by creating our own cadre of corrupt polititians.

  4. Great work, I question your belief that Ukraine isn't a nazified regime. The vast majority of the Kiev council delegates chose to rename Moscow Avenue after Stepan Bandera. Zaluzhny, chief of Ukrainian military staff has a picture of Stepan Bandera on the wall of his office. Zelensky, besides honouring Ukrainian nazi national 'heroes' released key members of the Tornado Battalion who are beyond nazi, with a reputation for kidnapping, gang raping and murdering under-age girls, the charges levelled at them when Zelensky released them. The Ukrainian security state, the SBU, is bristling with nazis and extreme nationalists. Streets and monuments to the Soviet defeat of. nazism are renamed and destroyed, including the statue of a teenage girl victim of the nazis outside a girls' school. The point of the CIA/MI6-backed coup of 2014 was to foreground the power of nazis and extreme right-sector nationalists who would be mad enough to attack the Asiatic untermenschen of Russia.

  5. what a piece of garbage that man is and all of those who support him can go and rot in hell as far as I am concerned. To so boldly omit to admit that 20+ millions of Russians and other resistance forces in Europe (Yugoslav partisans for example) lost their lives defending Europe from nazis is beyond what I am allowed to say here and not to be crass. Disgusting, evil behavior's from so called most polite people on earth-Canadians.


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