Neil Oliver: ALL manners of freedom are being eroded | Neil Oliver Live

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Neil Oliver: All manner of freedoms are being eroded. The simple freedom to jump in the car and go where we want looks set to be made a thing of the past.

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  1. You are either naturally cynical or not. Many people CANNOT WAKE UP. I have shared information about how we are used and lied to. How their lies and propaganda works. Not a single person over the last 12 years has even looked at any of it. They wear their stupidity / apathy / gullibility as a badge of honor. They mock those who think critically. They are DETERMINED and INSISTENT that they are ruled and led. They are fkkiinngg idiots and they are proud of it.

  2. When the powers smear a layer of fear over our lives – you will go to jail if you don not pay your taxes – people will pay. Choosing to stay in the debt prison and expensive box they have been conned into buying to impress people they don’t even like. So many are psychologically subjugated and don’t even know it.

  3. Spot on Neil. Your basically saying what Ive been thinking for a while.
    And this war with Russia and Ukraine is all staged to hammer the finances of us. Sooner Trump is President again the sooner we can get the world sorted out. Snp letting Scotland down, The Tories letting The UK down, Biden is putting America and the world at risk.

  4. i have always laughed at the unless government , just look at one job the chancellor , like he is in control of world oil energy prices sets a budget making us all worse off, gets a pat on the back hailed as a great chancellor and given a knight hood , so they can sit in a second chamber getting a kick back from the tax payer .

  5. What if the crime syndicate extends to large percentages of the population as well?
    These are desperate days – it will take a gargantuan effort to displace the mob intent on keeping those they despise underfoot!
    Many of these are so brainwashed there is simply no way back – brownshirts at every turn.
    Be prepared and determined to resist or get ready to sell out those near and dear in return for favor in the neo-liberalist hierarchy.

  6. Enough of us recognise what you say to be true, Neil, we simply lack that long-required factor for any society of people to overthrow tyranny – leadership.

    Too many that could lead us have now discovered podcast revenue streams that anchor them to their seats when they should be in the street, calling the public to their side.

    And should the public ever find the resolve to rise without that leadership, it will still claim credit for the victory, despite the fact they remained seated while ordinary people fought.

    And long after victory, should it ever come, they will claim the celebrity of one who fought tyranny.

    We need leaders in the street, not at a desk.

  7. It's very probable that more of the population are very aware of what's happening but only speak to other people about it on a one a one to one basis. Many stopped speaking about Brexit but acted independently of the all round pressure not to leave. Who knows, when push comes to shove, it may not go as well as governments, who ever they are expect.

  8. My goodness I Love and admire this man. I Neil says he happily wears the label of a conspiracy theorist, then I happily wear it to.
    Every single monologue he has done is on point and a brilliant educational lesson.
    Many many thanks to a good man who is try to bring the the truth and awareness to the
    Who have been brainwashed and manipulated by these globalist, nazi cabal self appointed individuals that want total control of We The People.
    We must stand up together and say NO.

  9. What I am seeing now is a divide becoming more obvious, between a certain country that seems to be the biggest threat to world peace and exploitation of smaller countries, and the rest of the world clustering together to pull up those smaller countries, previously exploited by empires, by investing in their independent progress and the formation of a new wall called appropriately BRICS. Unfortunately we in the UK are connected to the former group, with a president who is now under corruption investigations with his entire family and our leaders, (following the trend) with their firm past connections to USA, dual citizenship, Green cards and offshore companies snivelling around the hems of the jackets of this senile leader only to be cuffed aside.
    Our past Prime ministers, or at least those who lasted longer than a lettuce, and the leader of the EU all have served apprenticeships in USA and seem to have carried forward the disregard for the common man into our shores, those shores that are invaded by illegal migrants who are treated like 5 star guests. No protest for the state terrorism that has seen our energy bills quadruple this winter. But they will all try to blame Russia. "It's the war you know", that old chestnut.
    Are we now ruled by proxy from Washington, just like Kiev? There is no doubt that China and Russia will defend their borders, but we are fed a steady drip of USA propaganda that all these conflicts since Vietnam are somehow the fault of these devastated countries, and that they have no more entitlement than the native American Indians, but that applies to us too. Make no mistake we are irrelevant to our masters in Washington and our economy is expendable.
    WE are not entitled to the truth. In the words of Anthony Blinken this week when asked about leaked documents "This (the truth) has no place in the public domain". Did anyone else catch that? Maybe they were simply picked up in Biden's garage by an ice cream delivery boy.
    Now they are passing judgement on another "whistle blower" who has been brave enough to expose their lies. But our PM will ensure that we are firmly on board and paying our dues to Kiev, even though we know most of that money is NEVER seen by the ordinary people in Ukraine. YES, they are taking the mickey.

  10. If voting made a difference….. it would be made illegal…..
    Dont believe or trust in any and all world wide politicians or establishments . They are all the same,no matter the person, establishment or country…. liar's, thief's and back stabbing snakes

  11. YES! YES! YES! Neil you have hit it in one! People scoff when I mention those 2016 votes – in the UK and in America – as lying at the heart of the crude, naked, attacks on the individual citizens by the ORGANISED CRIME SYNDICATES we call 'Western' Governments. Those votes FORCED them to act: because they had miscalculated; and the 'gentle approach' (using Globalist-Communist unelected organisations to steal power over time) was being closed to them BY THE PEOPLE! So they had to show the people where we truly belong: under THEIR jackboot!

  12. When we find those controling the narrative as they do on youtube, you have to eliminate them so it can not happen again. Until you do that nothing will change. for example, look up Ketts rebellion 1549 and see the similarity of the behaviour of the government and the people action.

  13. Neil hits the nail on the head again. Please Neil, can we get all the like minded people such as yourself, Dr Jordan Peterson et al together to map a moral way forward and get back to our western values; Magna Carta, Declaration of Arbroath, Bill of Rights, US Declaration of Independence

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