Neil Oliver: All the neo-Liberal stooges are running scared now and for good reason.

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  1. AI is just the controlling body of the elites for the future. While the elites are sitting back counting there money on a daily basis. How elite are they to think that they won’t need the average man on the street. Very foolish because the average man put them there and without them there wealth and money is worth nothing

  2. If you’re a liberal and you think conservatives are evil, you are indeed ignorant. If you are a conservative and you think liberals are evil, you are ignorant. Goodness and evil are not exclusive to liberals or conservatives. Communists/marxists, on the other hand, are indeed truly evil. And the so-called “Woke” just have no souls. Or brains.

  3. If Neil Oliver is so honest why is he backing the World Council for Health's phony Better Way Conference which is selling 490 pound in person tickets for a meeting that has no announced venue? Last year due to its incompetence the council lost its venue and as far as anyone knows never refunded a schilling to anyone. If you go to their web site you can see they're pretending the conference actually occurred in Bath. Why doesn't Oliver "say anything about" this fraud as he admonishes others to do? Is he a dupe or a cheat?

  4. There is no shame in being fooled, but once it is apparent you were, not taking action to correct the situation is a crime. I am afraid as the Bible says brothers will turn on Brothers, Sons on Fathers is here. Please take comfort in knowing GOD is in control and is exposing the evil ones. He now wants us to stand up for his principles. God loves you Neil, you are standing up for his principles

  5. I'm 72, and I've never watched a movie on TV from beginning to end in my life. The movies I've watched at the cinema (if I didn"t fall asleep first) could be counted on one hand. After what you said, Neil, I'm proud that I haven't succumbed to watching that mindless crap.

  6. Go gently on yourself Neil, it you have woken up recently it was because you were meant to. Some of us have been awake for years and adored the likes of George Carlin, others have been ripped forcibly into reality recently. That is why this time is called the awakening, it is the lifting of the veil. For those of you waking up now, go gently on yourselves, it is a massive assault on the system to understand that everything that you have been taught is a lie, to those of you that have been awake for a while, go gently on the newbies, remember what it was like to wake up in a time, where there was time to assimilate it all.

  7. We are becoming more and more aware of the skullduggery that pervades in every level of our society . Another thing is we are no longer believe their lies and deceit.Our Trust has gone from believing what our Scientists say, or our Medical professionals advise. We need to listen to our intuition and make judgement based on the truth.

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