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‘…by altering & adapting words they want to stop us engaging in debate by making us fearful of saying the wrong thing…’
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Written by Neil Oliver

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  1. Well done Neil. You are the voice of reason. Technology can digitally enhance or change anything now & nothing can be trusted You’re right that we should all keep our unadulterated books, films etc. History has seen books burned & history destroyed. Free speech & language is the target now.

  2. I'm always buying old books as and when I can afford them. I now have over 5,000, a lot are art books but am increasingly buying old history books, especially after reading the likes of David Olusoga's lies. I don't understand modern historians motive but am sure it's to do with the distribution of western culture and religion.

  3. I understand your feelings Neil.
    I like watching documentaries from before this time, when there were established truths against which everything else was measured, and it made life run smoothly, by comparison with now.
    Now the truth has been attempted to be dug up by the roots, without any consultation with those who wanted it left in situ.
    This uprooting of truth, and seeding of delusion, while standing on the only thing left — shifting sand — is an outworking of the rise of Narcissism in society.
    The rise of lawlessness was also prophesied in the Bible for the end times, and uprooting truth is an accomplice of lawlessness to further the evil one's agenda.

    He's the one laying the groundwork for the rise of the Beast, the False Prophet and his final coup d'etat against God's kingdom.
    I'm often given to think about how in Revelation it says that Jesus is named 'Faithful and True', and the evil one is trying to uproot certainty with his drama and crisis after crisis, and uproot truth in every way possible.
    We see him corrupting all that is good in me world, from the courts of justice, and children, and the food we eat.🇦🇺.

  4. I recently became nostalgic for pre mobile phone days. I remember clearly after getting my first how much I resented that anyone could at any time interrupt my day no matter what I was doing. I really don't appreciate anyone yanking my chain like that. So, I've turned off my phone and will turn it on only to check messages. This is a freedom I have missed terribly. Now I can have an uninterrupted train of thought from beginning to end. Freedom!

  5. Neil, as you mention, even the definition of the word "reality" has been altered for political reasons. It used to mean "that which really exists in the world." But now, the lefty-collectivists have changed it to mean "the particular perceptions, feelings, opinions and ideas of an individual." In this video, at 4:30, you appeared to referred to the new, lefty definition. I saved a huge encyclopedia set from the mid-1970's for the same purpose you mention. My family thinks I'm crazy. But this prevents things from going down the Orwellian memory-hole. And if there is some societal collapse, if the internet is down for an extended period, such old books are how we re-start civilization. Thank you!

  6. Changing the way we communicate is central to the goal of re-making society. All the woke nonsense can be traced back to Marx and his idea that if you change the way people live, you can change the way they think, and so change their nature. It’s pure evil, because it denies the God-given freedom of humans and the sanctity of their individuality.

  7. What we sometimes forget is that the world presented to us by the elites only has power if we let it. It’s not really the world, they just want us to think it is so that we’ll do as we are told and conform. We don’t have to be ‘cis’, we don’t have to put pronouns on our profiles, we don’t have to recite ‘transwomen are women’. If we are all a bit braver then we can see that we are actually the majority not the minority. Our ancestors fought for the rights we’ve so shamefully taken for granted – we have to fight too.,

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