Neil Oliver: ‘Get Ready – It’s Coming Our Way!’

‘…it feels like we are all living in a dangerous minefield where any action or word could set of a devastating explosion!’

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Season 1: Neil Oliver’s Love Letter To The British Isles
Season 2: Neil Oliver’s Love Letter To The World
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Written by Neil Oliver

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  1. If you don’t like the politicians in power, stop whinging and run for office yourself! The belly aching and cry bullying is a bit much Neil. Margaret Thatcher was a bloody shop keepers daughter and nothing held her back. The greatest British politician since Churchill!

  2. Thanks Mr Oliver. I always find your YouTube clips and podcasts informative. While it might sound a little irrational or conspiratorial, there are elements of truth and elements of propaganda – so it's intentionally a mix or blend to create the archetypical 'fog of war' information landscape.
    There is always some narrative flotting around, just gotta debunk it, and, that is where individuals like you, Nigel Farage, George Galloway etc. facilitate!

  3. What we need are laws that prevent the things that we don't want to happen. Then we need a police force and judiciary that will enforce those laws. And one of the laws we need is that if the police and judiciary refuse to enforce laws, they will be equally liable to punishment. Wishing and hoping for things will achieve nothing. Government is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around.

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Impartiality Under Question at Human Rights Commission

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