‘Is the big crash coming down the line, as we’re distracted by a new celebrity crisis , the latest war, the Chinese threat, bank crashes…?
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Written by Neil Oliver

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  1. Oliver Stone's latest take on the JFK assassination adds, for me, to the current canvas of world events, providing a broader, deeper context to today's crises. The same "crew", lets say powerful common interests, that offed JFK, are IMO responsible for the near-calamity we're at now. Different names, same crew. We could argue the conspiracy surfacing, by the day, in the US re. Covid's origins, has direct tendrils into the UK Cabinet. The PM was on board, as was Whitty, Hancock and the rest, to varying degrees. We'll see soon enough.

  2. I must correct Neil on his inaccurate comment concerning the death of the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly alleging he committed suicide. This is not what happened, Dr Kelly was murdered and urge Neil to do some research as he has bought an outright lie here.

  3. If he wants some correct information on Dr David Kelly and his murder I suggest Neil looks at a talk on the Glastonbury Symposium all about this then at least he will have some proper information to make an informed comment, not buy the bs about it that is put about.

  4. All money creation is lent into existence. So even though it looks as though it appears out of thin air, it is merely a credit note that is a claim on some asset or other otherwise it couldn't come into being. Not sure Neil understand economics, or rather fractional reserve banking and the current situation shouldn't be labelled capitalist, as it is not, that is it is not free marker capitalism, it is highly manipulated.

  5. All about power mongering, controlling other governments, and stealing other country's resources! The USA and its' collaborators(co-conspirators of capitalistic industrial complexes). The clarity of your perspective is refreshing and welcome…For some of us…Truth is welcome, no matter how difficult it is to accept…

  6. USA seems obsessed with regime change thats the excuse to topple the dictator but it seems they just trash the country and then leave… for the sake of the war money making machine : Iraq, Syria , Russia .transfer of wealth is happening everywhere everyday.. from the tax payer into the hands of the investors and shareholders . Look at Serco. sponsored by the Govt ( Tax payer) to rent properties and hotels for asylum seekers. Serco pays the rent. Why ? Transfer of wealth from the public purse into private capitalised Business – Serco also ran the Covid quarantine hotels.

  7. Blair has a ' Massive Responsibility ' over what has happened since Iraq , yes Saddam was a tyrant but kept the country and those around him on a tight lease. Democracy ( if there is such a thing ) does not rest easily with the Middle East it seems , old wounds resurface as time has not healed them at all.

    Very unlikely David Kelly took his own life , its widely known the ' Men in Black ' theory as he didn't bow too pressure.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Russian Ambassador Responds To Downed US Drone

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