New Zealand’s Central Bank Lifts Interest Rates by 0.5%!

Adrian Orr, RBNZ Governor said they were lifting the Official Cash Rate by 0.5% today, with a peak of 5.5% still on the cards. The recent Cyclone may also add additional inflationary pressure.

He also highlighted the importance of cash – and branches – at a time of crisis, like when the power goes out. And the risks to social cohesion when this is ignored. Just wow!

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  1. What BS, our dollar has strengthen with lower cash rates than others. Inflation will flatten itself out as supply comes back, already seeing that with fuel and food prices flattening. Putting up interest rates only hurts borrowers whilst releasing cash and spending power to investors ( more investment than borrowings so whats the net effect?). If interest rate hikes was the cure to supply driven inflation all countries would have seen inflation drop by now (and please none of this rubbish about a lag, there isnt one when most borrwers are variable). These clowns will drive us all in recession, for god sake put away the 1970s economics 101 textbooks…

  2. How much did the top 1% increase their wealth during the Covid years? More than double!? And how many governments and banking institutions were complicit in making this happen? Now they are saying that us little people will need to feel financial pain to set things right!? This is the biggest weath transfer/robbery in history. Why do we keep accepting this?

  3. Adrian Orr – 2014 – NZ Superannuation Fund CEO – WEF Global Investment Board Member – Connect the dots. As soon as he says climate change you know he is in on the act they are key words to his puppeteers. 1938 flooding exactly the same with all the silt etc hit Napier and the Esk Valley it is not the climate change it is historical climate . Climate change narrative attempts to siphon money out of our country to the puppeteers. Orr is 100% in on the agenda do not be fooled.

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