No. 9 – Chris Barber – The Price You Pay to Stand Up for What’s Right

The Freedom Convoy was an event that shook the nation of Canada and inspired millions around the world in the fight for freedom to choose your own path in life and choose what you do with your own body.
Chris Barber lead the charge in the No. 1 truck Big Red in the longest convoy in recorded history.

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  1. CERB claw back happened to my bf. He has Chron disease and was already on ei due to a surgery. Then they cancelled his medical EI and told him CERB. Then a few months later – no CERB and no EI. Nothing. He didn't work enough. Lol don't be sick in the country, they try their hardest to put you on the street.

  2. Canadians need to wake up how this gov is controlling our life now and ripening us off with these taxes while they fill their pockets and stay in $6000 a night hotels. While almost half of your paycheck goes to taxes. The woke movement is a joke. These people need to get a life and leave other sane people alone.

  3. What is happening these days in my view is that the rich are so bored since they can have anything they could ever want, have gathered with like minded bored filthy rich degenerates that have agreed to use human beings and this planet as a game board. They simply inject all sorts of game scenarios upon the people and then watch the results of their psychopathic thoughts with enjoyment. They love to watch suffering, misery, hardship, abuses, famine, depression, oppression, and turmoil exude in human beings.

    They truly love inflicting this torment and of course there are insatiable gratifications and rewards from it. They do not care if you are poisoned, starving, dead, homeless, poor, alive, or whatever. They are apathetic to such feelings. However, if they do have or show tears, it is from the results of them watching you rot away or bleed profusely until you die. These people in power do not do what they do because they are intelligent, loving, logical, and wise. They do so because they are brain damaged, consciously degenerate, cognitively impaired, and have a deep disdain and internal hatred for mankind which they deem are below them…thus their term of us being, "useless bottom feeders/"

  4. Turdo just verified that he is a dick is all. He's pissed off enough people in this country that he will be gone come 2025 and the same goes for Jugmeat. But if you want to guarantee he is gone you must vote Conservative and not PPC. Don't split the vote or you may come to regret it.

  5. Jagmeet means the social media account that claimed to be the organizers of the Freedom Movement are who the government chose to "go with" even though the government did not consider it to present these individuals for the inquiry.
    It's funny seeing as they can send police to the homes of people who make woke comments or negative remarks about COVID.
    Those guys were easy to locate! Lol
    The Milk Mafia king is who keeps Maxime from winning his riding!
    I think elections have a lot of hanky panky happening!

  6. Clyde you say whats up with these guys (Singh) but in reality I think that it would be wise for us to look deeper than the existing reality and look deeper into the reason why Singh is supporting Trudeau so hard. May not be as obvious as it looks on the surface. Even with Pierre P and the conservatives we should be at least aware and look deeper than their promises after all has an elected Gov't ever turned on the people who elected them? It's also in my opinion that it shows how still there are lot of people who are not awake and think this just another party vs party problem. I also wonder in my distrust of Gov't if they are also holding some illegal cards. This is something going on not only in Canada and if that is real then should we not look for the deeper into our voting systems. The Gov't controls the voting system and many or most people will not believe that our Gov't is not straight up. In my opinion they never have been in my life time. Food for thought!

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