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No details, No transparency, No accountability. Senate – 14.09.23

Since coming to power the Albanese government has refused to provide details on the following:

1. The minutes of National Cabinet
2. The vaccine contracts
3. The number of 24/7 nurses in Aged care
4. Proper costings on reaching net zero
5. Quarterly benchmark energy prices
6. Investigate the impact of renewables on farmland, national parks and our fisheries
7. Agree to a Royal Commission into Covid that he promised
8. Provide details on the Voice
9. Provide the genomic sequence used in the PCR tests
10. Explain how he intends to house 400,000 immigrants a year

He’s not very honest or clever is he?

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  1. Former Senator Peter Beatty confirmed that the Australian Federal Government received, FROM the United Nations, a Mandate for Ownership apon the proclamation of a Republic.
    And the Traitors in Canberra are doing their level best to adhere to that Mandate from a FOREIGN entity.
    Aligning themselves, and thus the Nation, with the likes of 'The WEF, the 'United Nations, The 'CFR' , The 'IMF', The 'WHO',
    Selling of Commonwealth Infrastructure.
    ALL are acts of TREASON, punishable, BY LAW!
    And EVERY single politician that has signed on to support those actions deserve to, and needs to go to prison.
    Great presentation Senator Rennick.
    Cheers for having a spine and the courage to stand for what is right.

  2. I am not vaccinated and am not allowed to resume my job as an instrument technician in the surgical health field. I demand a Royal commission into my lost wages !! I also would like an investigation into vote rigging because I do not believe that Victorian people voted Daniel Andrews back in after locking us down eight times and turning Victoria into the lock-down capital of the world.

  3. Thank you for your valuable input and trying to make Labor accountable for soo many lies and bad decisions. I sincerely hope the PM will suffer the consequences for introducing such a divisive, racist and evil proposal as the Voice. For the sake of democracy , freedom of speech and our wonderful Australian way of life which we love and enjoy, Please vote NO.

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