No Fly List LEAK Exposes Mass Surveillance State | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar break down a recent hack leading to the no fly list being leaked.

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  1. The maximum number of rows in an csv file is ~1048576. Vice claims the list, which was found on a CVS had more than 1.5 million entries. I find it odd that the list is roughly the same size as the maximum number of rows in a CSV file. Also, how many of these names are U.S. citizens? That context is a must. Has anyone started to look up these names and see if it makes sense?

  2. This is just another shining example of how the "defend democracy abroad to defend it at home" trope is the inverse of the truth. Tell me how we became more democratic over the last 20 or so years because I don't see it. I see the PATRIOT Act, mass surveillance, torture programs, FBI entrapment plots that targeted Muslims, and massive no-fly lists.

    Stop falling for this nonsense. The same government and media that did all this in the name of democracy is now telling us that's what our proxy war in Ukraine is about, as well as what may turn into armed conflict over Taiwan. It's the same rhetoric, just repackaged.


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