NO ONE Is Ready For What’s Coming In Two Weeks, It’s Not Good

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As Joe Biden hold talks regarding the deployment of US troops to Gaza, with the war in the Middle East raging, he’s also attempting to pitch new military spending as a boon for the economy and American workers. But, hang on, I thought it was Trump who was going to lead us to war with Iran??

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. I don't understand why everyone is looking at this differently than the other times Palestine and Israel fought?
    RB, there are some regions in the world who do not value human life like we do. They live to hate. We cannot be friends with everyone, 😢, and why it is important to do business with nations with similar values and why we need to always defend against enemies. Then throw in "Assets/Interests", 🤦‍♀️.

  2. F#ck Biden! If we could know that nukes won't ever be involved, I say we all f#cking fight! In fact, I'd gladly sign back up,(all medals and rank, plus retro bonuses and rankings immediately caught up w/inflation adjustment) I will gladly go back to fight…if we can finally end the Democrats and all the Commies and anti-Semitic, anti-American mother f#ckers killing my country! I'm David Bell, and I endorse this message 100 f#cking percent!!! If you hate the country, hate America, Americans, Jesus Christ, and prosperity for your brothers and sisters of all colors…GET THE F#CK OUT! If you don't want to assimilate to Americans way of life, refer to the previous statement in bold letters.


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