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No, Paracetamol doesn’t cause more deaths than the CV jab – Senate Estimates 16.02.23

Skerritt gives weasel evidence … again!

For Skerritt to downplay C-19 vaccine deaths by comparing them to paracetamol/Panadol deaths is misleading. If he is untruthful about such a matter, what else is he lying about?

From Jan 2021 to February 9 this year there are 50 reported deaths for paracetamol (with one listed death from the Panadol brand solely); 24 deaths were overdoses including 10 intentional. The 26 remaining do not list paracetamol as the only drug taken.

There have been 977 reported C-19 vaccine deaths in the same period, (source: TGA Database of Adverse Event Notifications).

According to Skerritt paracetamol had ten times more deaths than Covid vaccines. If this is the case there should be 9770 deaths due to paracetamol.
This is clearly way off the mark.

Skerritt has a responsibility as a witness before senate committees that clearly direct witnesses including public servants “to give evidence that is not false or misleading.”

Not once when I ever questioned him did he do that.

NOTE: The TGA continuously change these figures in the Database of Adverse Events Notifications (DAEN). They do this regularly to keep the number of reported deaths lower than it otherwise would be.

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  1. It's a pretty hard thing to admit you have done something so wrong that it makes that German guy from the 1930/40 look like a decent human.

    2019 was the start of the most important event in human history in regards to path humanity has been set upon.

    Every action has a natural course and the events which transpired have set humanity into a cascading failer of morality.

    For decades people have been collecting psychological data through the use of memes, youtube videos, hashtags. (Etc)

    Your cameras, microphones and heart rate monitor's (built into smart devices) have collected trillions of terabytes of emotionally reactive data and compiled it into useful manipulative data.

    2019 was a global real word test of this technological manipulation.

    You may ask how I know and all i.can say is, it's what I would do if i had a god-complex

    Controlling the course of humanity is the last great journey and the explorer's want thier names to be known for millennia.

  2. Of these over 900 reported and investigated deaths since the beginning of pandemic
    not since Jan this year
    14 have been identified and confirmed as adverse reaction deaths
    The difference between reported and
    And reported and
    With an outcome and findings
    Is 2 different things
    And this apparently are the findings
    This information is public
    And available
    And made available by the
    Skerritt gets his info and data from
    Government agencies that's what he's paid to do and that's all
    You'd think he'd have it right
    Wouldn't you
    You'd have to be naive to think you can lie at a Senate hearing and get away with it FFS
    One death is too many from this occurrence in my opinion
    And my condolences to any that have lost
    Stretching the numbers is as evil as trying to cover them if they are proven wrong
    I'l leave you to think about my last statement and work that out
    For yourselves when the gov releases more data
    If your getting numbers for australia from other places besides gov agencies
    You may find conflicting info to skerritt
    But what are these sources
    At any rate and
    What's their reputation
    I'm keen to hear it
    Does anyone that's reading this
    Have this info
    Pls don't get me wrong here
    I'm not for or against skerritt or rennick I'm just saying how things can be stretched in either way
    And both can be as evil as each other and seem straight to the average punter
    Skerritt has done what he's paid to do working off the info hes obliged to use gov numbers
    Rennick dunno bout him just yet
    He's paid by us too but seems like a fair bit of uninvestigated airyness
    Follows him so far
    He seems legit within his political confines
    The numbers on display here in this pres are conflicting the Gov info
    Actually it's the WORDING that's in play here
    Steady as she goes hey
    Take care my fellow sheep n rabbits

  3. Skerritt how is he even there…..Hes a clueless liar….How does Panadol cause more deaths that Covid….Death from Panadol occurs from extreme ABUSE of Panadol….I want to know who is slipping this idiot perks under the table to lie like he does!!!


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