Nooooo! You cant expose our NARRATIVE like this!!


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  1. Everybody: START NOTICING THIS! There have been YEARS of racism against white people being normalized — it's taught in SCHOOLS for Christ's sake. This NYE, I see a commerial on TV saying "hate breeds hate .. Antisemitism is on the rise." So YEARS and YEARS of teaching children that white people are evil devils and need to be wiped out of existence is ok… suggesting that Jews own most of the media ( a literally truth) gets immediate condemnation and TV commercials considering THAT antisemitism. FUNNY how that works out isn't it??????? In LA, after Kanye got banned from twitter the police were not only refunded that week, funding for policing increased! Someone Jews were able to get the police funded more than ever in about a week when they faced criticism.

  2. My brother is, I'm fairly certain, swallowed whole by this leftist woke narrative.

    I often think about trolling him by texting images like the featured meme, but then I think… that'd be effort, and I don't like effort that's not worth the payout. He's still my brother. Inflaming tensions won't help him sleep at night.

Peace in Syria takes big step forward

Peace in Syria takes big step forward

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MORE Illegal Overseas Chinese Police Stations Found