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Written by Liberal Hivemind

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  1. I have to say, I kinda like Devin Archer. He's had his head shoved down the toilet by the Biden cartel but he's still trying not to snitch on a friend. He's supposed to be serving a sentence for diddling Native Americans but he doesn't come across like that.
    Still, I suppose that makes me a good potential victim!

  2. If you do a population count the LGBT etc. community at roughly 1.5%. The Black community at roughly 13%. The Hispanics are at roughly 19%. Combined they are less than 50% of America's population. The white liberals are damn few in comparison to the rest of us. Trump will crush them all a third time.

  3. Actually we do have evidence stupid ass Biden bragged about it on national tv and the CEO of Burismo in a written testimony said he paid the Biden’s $10 million to have the prosecutor fired and Biden acknowledged it when he had the prosecutor fired. We also have the bank statements and all the LLC’s in Biden family names to launder the money which ended up in Joe and Hunter bank accounts. All the evidence is in the laptop. The same laptop the FBI thought they buried and lost while never ever looking at it. Thank god for a smart computer repair man who made copies and gave to Matt Gatz.

  4. Wake up normies!

    The fbi have weaponized this man since he walked into that white house.

    Don't believe me? Look at the timeline of the framejobs and lies… all cordinated.

    Now that the indictment are failing against public opinion — they are wondering if this helps trump, yes it does!

    Why? Because you have failed fbi to prove anything for years an continue in pursuit to put him in jail.

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