Nord Stream Commission To Investigate Explosions STRUCK DOWN By United Nations

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to the U.N. Security Council’s vote to not investigate the Nord Stream sabotage. Originally aired March 28, 2023; #nordstream #un #russia

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Do you think Biden controls anything, look at him. His overseas handlers run America.
    Ask Norway why they built a gas pipeline to Poland's that was finished right before NS blew up?
    A pipeline that was worthless if Russia still sold cheap gas, Wake Up people.
    Trump kept the US out of war, that's why NATO wanted him gone, to make us fight to hand them Russia.

  2. Germany's Scholz was in on it. He was standing next to Biden in Feb. before the invasion, when Biden said they had a way of "dealing" with the pipeline. Apparently the woman reporter who asked Biden how he would deal with the pipeline, turned to Scholz afterwords, to hear his opinion on what Biden said. Paraphrasing here, I believe he went on to say that whatever happens. They do it together. Sounds a lot like Ms Baerbach.

  3. The investigation would just be for show. The powers that be already know who did it. Everything they say in public is just for show. This whole Ukraine war is for show. Neither side seems to be really trying to win it or negotiate an end. So it suits those in power to have an open ended shooting match. If we were in a real war we wouldn't still be doing joint missions to the space station, or letting Russia keep selling it's oil etc. And Russia wouldn't be letting Ukraine export its grain to the rest of the world.

  4. You may have forgotten a small detail that can prove how much the US and its vassals are corrupted… Countries voting at the United Nations are paid (in cash or by diplomatic support) and most time coerced to vote same way as the US. If not that, western countries may be on their own side and no one with them. The US approach to world diplomacy has been too distractive, too divisive (look the Iranian and Saoud Arabia case), too colonialist (even though very paternalistic, better relations with Europe), unfair (for instance, the Israel extrem-right can lead the country, but Hamas cannot lead Palestinians even when Hamas has been truly elected). And so on!

  5. Of course they’re complicit. Calling this lack of interest in investigating the attack “suspicious” is an understatement. Hopefully, in a year or two, these Western European governments will fall, and people will demand the truth. Europe doesn’t want cheap Russian gas- ok. There are plenty of other markets that will use it. This will make Western Europe far less competitive, the repercussions are inconceivable. Better build ALOT more windmills.

  6. Brianna needs a show of her own. She is the sharpest tool in the toolbox, asks the right questions, is quick thinking and is clear, concise, and a vibrant thinker. The flagrant absence of curiosity about Nordstream reminds me of the echo of “No one will ever know, no one will ever know.” Yet, everyone knows, but will not say. Corruption is total.

  7. Wow, not even Germany wants to know who put all their people through the hard times. And China and Russia want to know, wow. That just points the finger at all the lies from US and Germany too lying to their people on who is responsible. Wonder who profits from all this. DEFINITELLY not the people!

  8. We all know this was the USA, under the presidency of Joe Biden, with Polish knowing of it and Ukrainians knowing of it. This is a criminal act against allied nations! Which means NATO members attacked infrastructure of NATO members, and European Union states run against European Union states. The last words aren't said about this. The people all know, and the Russians as a people have a right to know. We all invested in this pipeline it was not only the Russians. The bill has to be paid. And with this action I lost trust in the USA not as a people, but their entire government, I also lost trust in Polish as a European nation as well as the Ukrainians. As a European, there is little base to not have this fully sorted out. Since now even the UN is not interested in Investigating it any further, I also lost trust in the UN. And therefore I do support to war against Putin's doctrine, but I feel no reason at all, to want my nation the Netherlands nor France, to just … but this incident aside. I trust the Germans to sort this out, and to send the bill as well as the European Union to sanction Poland for their part in this deliberate destruction of German/European infrastructure, what they do with the Russian side to it, is the last of my concern. But not investigating, and not interested in handing the Europeans complete and full insight to this is as criminal as the act itself. Basta!

  9. Trust was damaged. As a European I do not trust NATO, US, Germany, Poland, Ukraine governments anymore. This is a criminal act against NATO allies, from NATO allies. And the citizens have a right to know!!! This damaged internal affairs and most important, trust amongst allies!

  10. Almost as good as an admission of guilt… at least to complicity. They know who did it and they just don't want the rest of the world to find out. As if we don't already know the USA did it! This is what the legal profession refers to as a 'guilty demeanour'. And Biden's threat to destroy Nordstream is on record…

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