Nord Stream Corporate Media FAIL: Glenn Greenwald BLASTS Coverage | Brie & Robby REACT

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to President Biden’s 2022 comment that he would “end” the Nord Stream pipelines. Originally aired Feb. 15, 2023; #biden #russia

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  1. You better believe it that the source is going to be anonymous. He does not want his source to be "disappered" or end up having to escape to Russia like Snowden. I wonder why they don't apply the same standard in regular life? Don't punish the criminal, lets say a murderer, if he is a politician or a police chief or someone in similar powerful position. Punish the individual, the witness or the culprit's assistance who may have signed an NDA, who fishes the gun from the lake or the river for exposing the truth? Isn't that the way of American justice?

  2. Even Woodward and Bernstein didn't hand their accusations to the government on a platter. It took Congressional inquiries to flesh it out. Hersh is doing the same thing. "Here's what I say happened. Look into it and find out if I'm wrong." The lack of interest in finding out if Hersh's depiction is true or false is distressing and telling. If it's true, the people at the top don't seem to want us to know.

  3. The most amoral terror state on the planet, with 800+ military bases around the planet, completely lawless – but we are the bastion of democracy? Geeze, go figure. Robby still can't believe what just about every thinking person on planet earth ASSUMED TO BE TRUE at the TIME OF THESES ATTACKS. Yeah, go figure. Russia built the pipeline – then blew it up – because? Oh, yeah, "PUTIN!" I find it impossible to believe that we Americans can get any less intelligent than we are at this point – but I wouldn't put money on it.

  4. To be made into a blockbuster film coming to Netflix and a theater near you? The CIA and Burns, I am sure will be happy to oblige with the production. Notice how nervous Robby is? Got reason to be. You mean to say wall to wall corporate state media is more credible than honest award winning investigative journslists. Beyond laughable. If some enterprising investigative reporter at WarPo or The New York Crimes proposed this he and his story would be spiked by the editorial desk before you could mutter Woodward and Bernstein.

  5. Robby, please ask Biden "how do you now square your claim that you had nothing to do with this sabotage" with your previous emphatic claim that "you would end Nordstream2". Very simple, and just stop the obfuscation of not being provided the evidence, and call for a full investigation. When you have proven secretive organizations that habitually lie about their actions, you must take proper measures to disclose truth if you are to be a real journalist. Currently you are an excuse maker for the PTB. STOP IT !!!

  6. It is not a media fail, because we do not have news media. We have State Propagada, and this refusal to examine and investigate to determine the truth, is a propaganda success. America's elite has overcome the control threatened by an educated citizenry. They have dumbed us down into "yes, OK, whatever u say" zombies.

  7. ONLY THE GULLIBLE BELIEVE RUSSIA BLEW UP THEIR OWN PIPELINE!! Textbook gaslighting by the media. We did it and we did it in a way that can have plausible deniability at certain levels. Any credible journalist would need to choose their words carefully in questioning them, that is unless we're into outright barefaced lying by the administration, then it doesn't matter what you ask!! American politics is heinous.

  8. Psalms 64:5-6
    [5]They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

    [6]They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.

    Who's been sorta very sneaky good at throwing rocks then hiding their hands?? Who's got the mainstream media news on their side?? What BEAST666 (nation of man) has 2 horns like lamb (pretending to be that gentle lamb) but speaks like a dragon (meaning if you don't do what we say there's gonna be trouble)?? What nation is considered The Great Ha'Satan and The Mother Of Harlots??

  9. The "single" source part of his report, has been parroted in every talking head show.
    Russell Brand got an interview w/ Sy. It was great!
    They chatted, and laughed. Got points across, and that was it.
    Everyone knew, and knows America did it. These so called "journalist" pretend it's a big mystery. Click bait yum!

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