Nord Stream pipeline & sabotaging peace w/Jeffrey Sachs (Live)

Nord Stream pipeline & sabotaging peace w/Jeffrey Sachs (Live)
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Written by The Duran

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  1. Just received, on my e-mail, a long smear piece written on Air Mail about Sachs. Especially about his appearances on "conspiracy shows", lately. They mentioned Jimmy Dore, but I guess you are in that bunch too. lol It's not just Sachs position on Russia they have a problem with but also with his Covid stance. Basically they are calling him a failure and a lunatic. Obviously, Hersh too, is being described as a "once-respected reporter", but what's new?! The title of the article is: "Whatever happened to Jeffrey Sachs?" It is written by Charles Leerhsen.
    "Jeffrey Sachs, the man once described as “the most important economist in the world,” has been saying some very strange things in some very peculiar venues."

    An interesting choice this Leerhsen too. He is a former executive editor at Sports Illustrated. He has written for Rolling Stone, Esquire, and The New York Times. He appears to have written 4 articles since last year for Air Mail. One is about a book on Butch Cassidy (?), one article on Bourdain, and another article on Lara Logan. I'll let you imagine what he has written about Logan in that article. But the curious thing is that he has used the same exact style for both Logan and Sachs. Meaning that the whole article is written using; "a friend says", "an ex colleague said", "an ex school friend said". Very odd.

  2. Joe Rogan (14.1M YouTube subs, not counting any other platforms) should interview: Seymour Hersh … as soon as possible!!

    Not only to put the record straight but to make it impossible for the Liberal mass media to help cover up, twist, mis-frame, downplay, willfully ignore, willfully play dumb etc. etc. thus becoming complicit in a crime against humanity … When the interview is done it will be most likely copied & shared in all social media platforms including Liberal dominated platforms … Not to mention the whole world seeing it too! … Time for the mass media to be held accountable!

    If enough lobby for the above … via leaving comments like these on all big YouTube channels discussing this topic, we may succeed! … Maybe it already planned but in case it is not: lobbying for Seymour Hersh to be on Joe Rogan is also a protection of his life … if he succeeds to be on Joe Rogan it would be less likely for him to be "suicided" as that draws only much more attention!

    If Seymour Hersh dies we would never hear his side to the level we needed it to hear … we only have to go on one extensive report and 1000s of interpretations of it. So him being on Joe Rogan Show is the ultimate eye-opener for all "doubters".

    John 🦜🦋🌳

  3. Jeffrey Sachs Is one of the five excellent living US Economists, He is wise.

    The US has spent a century destroying Germany, 40 military bases and NATO are not enough. Cuba has suffered the vicious destruction from the same source for apparently different reasons. Blame Communism or Nazism, their main goal is being a Nation which has deployed warfare for over 200 years.

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