NY Times VINDICATES Jimmy Dore On School Lockdowns – They Damage Children!

More than a year ago The Jimmy Dore Show was talking about the long term harm extended lockdowns and distance learning was doing to children, and for his trouble Jimmy was called anti-teacher and every other name in the schoolbook. Now the New York Times is reporting that Jimmy had it exactly right – the pandemic era lockdowns have been extremely damaging to children worldwide, depressing test scores and hampering their long term educational achievements.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the withering criticism Jimmy has received for his stance and the minuscule likelihood that he will be receiving any apologies.

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  1. US Government intention for this Coved outbreak are for the following 3 major reasons (At least):-

    1) Pharmaceutical company make profit from Vaccine, Masks and Gloves companies to make money and hug amount!!! Of course was not indented for the did not expect Kitchen Tower, Sanitarily Paper company to make profit

    2) Computer Giants , Phone and Microsoft companies to profit from work from home and online study from home. This make a lot of rely on their phones, computers and internet lines usage.

    3) Reduce the poverty issues, where those are not in good heath and poor will face death when affected. Hoping to reduce those homeless Lottering around on the streets.

    All is MONEY and PROFIT for those Giant Companies, you think the ever care about the citizen? The Children Future? The Cost of living increases?
    Hello…Think …..USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE!!!!

  2. When my teen daughter went to her pediatrician last year he made her fill out this paper about mental health. He said he was having all his teenage patients fill it out. I'm glad he did because her score showed she was in danger of becoming depressed. And now she has developed a food anxiety. She was fine before all this crap with covid.

  3. Considering that we're only a year out of regulated Covid then saying 'permanently harms kids' is a bit of a stretch.

    Keep in mind that by that logic if you are going to say 'distance learning harms kids' then you need regulations to make sure NOBODY is home schooling, and of course any parent who doesn't have a child in pre kindergarden childcare is just doing terrible things because 'socialization' is so important.

    Home schooling has been growing in popularity so the idea that not being in a school setting somehow damages you is just out and out bizarre. And essentially we are STILL dealing with covid, so 'permanently' is just a bizarre thing to say.

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