NYC Buses 35,000 Migrants to Canadian Illegal Border Crossing – Roxham Road

State Sponsored Illegal Immigration you could say. New York City, listed as a sanctuary city BTW, is using tax payer dollars to ship migrants to the Canadian border at a well known illegal crossing.

Western Standard article:

Global News:

Sanctuary Cities:

Video obscured during video due to state broadcaster CBC copyright claim on the visual footage of Roxham Road

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  1. Americains soldiers gave them bus ticket also agent giving them ride this is sick what kind of a sick deal trudeau did whit biden he put quebecers in dangers also our national security at risk ..we quebecers can t no longuer pay for this they are laughting in our faces liberals Ndp must be remove whit handcuffs investigated also trudeau foundation account also trudeau give millions to a liberals friends to rent his land at roxham this is interference …our money as become dirty whit those criminels.

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