NYT Admits Ukraine Counteroffensive FAILING | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss NYT reporting on the failures of the Ukraine counter offensive.

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  1. BP should listen to Anna from Ukraine to find out what the war is about: defending the world from Putin/Ruzzia's aim to reconstitute the USSR/Czarist empire. She explains how escalation only comes from the agressor, never the victim. How Russia's 'provocations' only escalate when they are appeased, as they are in fact acts of hybrid war.

    Of course, the MIC and DC warhawks also want the war(s) and do everything to favor them, but it is Russia which chooses to act and attack as part of its overarching goal.

  2. It isn't that we can't train people. Obviously we can, or our troops couldn't carry out missions successfully. The problem is the people we are training don't care enough when we leave to continue caring. Their government was a joke before we "helped", and is a joke when we leave. It seems like the part of Catch 22 when the Italian is pro fascist when they are in power, antifascist when they aren't, pro German when they are in power ant-German, when they leave etc. I don't blame the people of the various countries, they are just trying to survive. When we were in their countries, we provided them with what they needed, the next group will do it when we leave. There is no real form of government, so the people of the countries we "help" survive any way they can.

  3. US weapons are over hyped. They can't win against a peer military. That is why they fear sending in Abrams. The Leopards and Bradleys lay destroyed all over Ukraine. UK tanks are yet to be sent to the front in fear of the embarrassment when they get destroyed. You don't hear any stories about Himars anymore, Russia has rendered them useless by jamming. All so called game changer weapons have turned out to be just ordinary weapons. Even F16 can't be sent because they will all be shot down in embarrassing fashion. The US knows it, its bad for business when supposedly superior weapons end up getting destroyed in Russia. Who is going to buy those expensive weapons if they fail to achieve anything in Ukraine?

  4. Tea leaves?????
    Really dude you have
    Colonel McGregor, UN ex weapons inspector Scott Ritter, many independent media, judge napolitano, freaking comedian Jimmy dore reporting for months what you are just reporting from main stream media.
    I thought your show was supposed to be different from main stream media but all you do is report what main stream media is stating and give your play by play on what they are saying.
    Where the heck is your direct report.
    Eve joe rogan has begun to bring in ex CIA agents and other experts on the Russia UKRAINE conflict.
    I really feel sorry for all those people that pay to see a show that basically can see on any of the mayor networks.
    SMH like always breaking lies never disappoint

  5. Listen lady Russia is gearing up for WW3 not Ukraine
    Get your story straight the Russians know that the US is mobilizing troops in Poland and the Russians are know that the US policy is war with Russia or China.
    The thing that pisses me off is that this bunch of sold out duo know that this is the fact but rather lie their asses off because they get those massive checks from the same corporations that pay main stream media

  6. Fk NYT ……. all that advanced weaponry that the west has been dragging out its heels for 2 yrs to deliver . Even freshly trained troops experience problems during their first exposure to actual combat. Americans live in their little isolated bubble protected by two vast oceans have absolutley no clue whats its like to have their cities bombed to rubble, their damns destroyed, their children seized . NYT ….. the same rag that beat the drums to have us intervene in WW I .

  7. The West are funding and 'arming to the teeth' a Ukrainian ultra-rightwing Nationalist regime.
    Knowingly keeping an ultra-rightwing government, backed by Ukrainian oligarchs… in power.
    A deeply corrupt sect that was built solely on exploiting Slavic anti-Russian hatred.
    They're the ones fighting for their lives. Not the Ukrainian people.
    The people of Ukraine want peace and a stop to the destruction of their homes and infrastructure.
    If the war ends tomorrow… the people of Ukraines suffering will immediately stop.
    People have a very weird and propagandised idea… of what this conflict is actually about.

  8. The experienced war commentator retired US General Ben Hodges does not think Ukraine is failing, and he never made much of western training for Ukrainian soldiers. He says what has helped Ukraine most is accurate western artillery, and missiles, and Ukraine would do better if it had more of both. I'm a retired 23-years-in-the-Army ground pounder, so no military expert, but even I can tell Saagar and Krystal are way out of their depth commenting on the situation in either army on the ground.


    The scenario you see rapidly unfolding now was not at all what was planned. Russia was, by this point in time, supposed to be in complete turmoil with its president ousted, chaos on its city streets and what was left of its military limping home after a resounding defeat by the NATO proxy army in Ukraine. Its economy was to have been fundamentally undermined and its political elite run out of office then replaced by west-oriented figures who would break Russia up into easily manageable parts. The world was to be turned against Russia after it being constantly pushed toward war with the Ukrainian authorities.

    None of this was achieved. No significant weakening of Russia has taken place. The anticipated collapse in the Russian economy and banking sector failed to emerge and subsequently no mass revolt on Russian streets by suffering Russians took place. The popularity of the Russian president rose to new levels and the attitude of the Russian people toward the West soured significantly. Russia, rather than being isolated by the world community, found herself more in demand by major nations than she had ever been, these being some of the most powerful economies in the world. Russia's economy, after a period of adjustment, began to rise, not fall. And of course, the conflict in Ukraine that was supposed to finish Russia off, was steadily seen to move in Russia's favour.

    There is hardly a single aspect of the West's plan for Russia that can be said to have worked out as envisaged. The very opposite result has been achieved in regard to weakening and isolating Russia. She is stronger today than ever and growing stronger by the day. This while western economies reel from increasing prices caused by the lack of inexpensive Russian gas which helped fuel them over recent decades. Inflation has taken root and recession awaits almost every one of the nations that signed on to the western plan for Russia. Russia has assigned then unfriendly status and, until they change their policies regarding Russia they look likely to continue on their downward trajectory.

    To say this is a major defeat for the western war planners who believed they had the key to Russia's downfall is arguably the biggest understatement of all time. All the negative effects planned for Russia have rebounded on the nations of the planners and the likelihood is that the western political elites who signed up to the plan will fall, one after the other until not a single one of them is left standing. Some call this 'The Zelensky Curse' but more accurately it should be referred to as 'The Curse of Western Hubris', for it has been the dangerous overconfidence of the planners that has brought this disaster down upon their nations. A mix of out of date and completely erroneous assumptions about Russia, permanent arrogance, exceptionalism and false optimism has delivered a result of overwhelming disaster that will affect western nations for years to come.

    The position of the West has been brought to its lowest levels ever seen just as the global south and major nations such as India, Saudi Arabia and many others across Eurasia, Asia and Latin America seek to draw closer to Russia. The BRICS group, of which Russia is a founding member, now has some forty nations seeking to join it and form economic alliances with the nations within it. In the most recent development a number of nations within the African continent have expressed a wish to drive out western colonialist powers and seek ties specifically with Russia. These eventualities along with dedollarisation where local currencies are used rather than the dollar must be causing increasing nightmares in the West.

    The regime change wars of choice that the western political elites of the West have indulged in, in recent times are compounding the desire to exit from the western orbit many have reluctantly been in for a generation. With the rising power and influence of both Russia and China an increasing number of nations have realised that now is their moment of opportunity and by various means they are acting with alacrity to escape the long-held domination of the West over their affairs. Western demands that they censure Russia for the situation in Ukraine has fallen on deaf ears where the hypocrisy involved was recognised immediately. This is another factor that has added to the exodus of nations from their previous virtual imprisonment by the USA and its allies.

    These trends show no sign of losing steam, in fact, as more nations openly express their antipathy toward the way the USA and those in its orbit have sought to rule the world ever more nations are displaying their increasing confidence and ability to break free from what they see as the oppressive and suppressive influence of the West. A tectonic shift in geopolitical terms is taking place before our very eyes. The balance of power, held by the West for generations, is shifting eastward and southward. A multipolar world is fast taking shape where the western powers will no longer hold sway, no longer being able to manipulate, strong-arm or use violence at will to mould the rest of the world to its wishes.

    In the Donbass region of what used to be Ukraine but which is now an integral part of the Russian Federation Russia is within months of being able to dictate terms to the western powers now rendered impotent against it. Russia will achieve every one of her goals. A war Russia never once wanted but which it was finally pressured and provoked into initiating will have been won. The world community will then recognise the magnitude of Russia's victory, a recognition that cannot help but boost Russia's reputation and acceptability in its wake. A recognition too will arise of just how utterly humiliated the western leaders are who planned the debacle just ended.

    In the death of influence in the West we will see the birth of a new world power relationship among all those geographical locations not aligned with it and a migration of others that were marginally aligned with the West toward those who were responsible for the major realignment that has taken place. Chief of these to whom nations will now increasingly align will be China, a China deeply committed to reciprocally beneficial trade, investment and agreement to align interested in the name of the increased well being of all. The waning of the western threat will further emphasise the potential that all others have reached a watershed moment in which this new world of political tolerance, mutual trust and international trade can thrive.

    So we see just what the politicians of the West have done in their desperation to maintain their domination over the world. In trying to eliminate those nations it conceived of as enemies it has delivered what must surely be the most devastating of blows to their already declining power. Through myopic blindness and devotion to certain unquestioned dogmas, it has, through its self-created ignorance, brought economic and reputational ruin down upon itself. A ruination from which it will not recover unless under the benevolence and ultimate forgiveness of those who now create a truly civilised and governance-tolerant world permanently focused on building relationships in peace rather than seeking to destroy others through war.

    The final straw that brought about the fall of the West was its plan to destroy Russia. Through this cataclysmic error of judgement based on an entire range of factors stemming from both ignorance and arrogance it has thrown away its chance to integrate itself smoothly with the powers it saw rising and that it sought instead to destroy. This fatal mistake is having its inevitable consequences. Nations that couldn't earlier see a way to escape the West's grasp now do so. This factor as much as any has done for the West and those fossilised and intractable minds that run it. And the greatest mistake of all, that finally settled the matter, was the West's plan for Russia, a plan that can plainly be seen to have gone catastrophically wrong.

    (You can find me as 'AEARNUR' on Substack.)

  10. Training other countries soldiers almost always leads to failure. Just look up the Vietnamization program back in the 70s.

    It took 20 months to raise the 101st Airborne from zero to combat ready deployment and that was during WW2 with our own citizens! With vastly less complicated equipment. Training the Ukrainians to fight is propaganda and always has been. For the record I spent 20 years in the army including 3 years in combat zones.

  11. What's happening in the war is exactly as I predicted, which raises the possibility that I, a random jackass on the internet, am a super genius (I'm not), OR that all of the people cheering this conflict on from the beginning, pouring billions and billions of dollars into it, are almost unfathomably stupid. My money's on the latter.

  12. In his 2008 presentation, Mearsheimer showed a map of Ukraine where the Russians lived.

    That map matches, almost exactly, the area currently occupied by the Russian army.

    Merely having advanced western weapons isn't going to make some Ukrainian kid feel like he should risk his life to "liberate" an area populated by Russians.

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